Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sign of Seduction: Arrogant Intent by Eliza Loveless (lesbian femdom)

"A bratty demon meets a stern lawyer and all kinds of kinky scenarios ensue as they seal an illicit deal with each other."

And it was with that tease that I was tempted into Sign of Seduction: Arrogant IntentEliza Loveless has crafted a gorgeous story here, one that works as mythology, urban fantasy, contemporary drama, and erotic romance. It is dark, in that there is an underlying threat attached to the cost of one's soul, and it is edgy, in that these two total strangers are playing an increasingly dangerous game of bondage and punishment, but it is also somehow exhilarating and exciting.

I love what Loveless has done here with the themes of power, deals, and negotiation. Granting Pandora a Faustian sort of role, selling secrets and dreams for souls, is an interesting extension of her original story, and one that is far more interesting than just another Devil-in-a-dress. Having her face off against a ruthless lawyer is just perfect, and if you question the fairness of that challenge, there is a secret revealed late in the story that effectively quashes any objections.

The best part of  Sign of Seduction: Arrogant Intent, though, is how Loveless uses those characters and personas to drive an intensely erotic story of female domination, corporal punishment, and sexual submission. This is so hot, so overwhelming, you almost want to cry out and beg for mercy alongside Pandora. Even if you choose to read it with a more critical eye, as I did my second time through, it is hard to find fault with how Carmen ensnares immortal Pandora in her games.

The final scenes here are lovely touch as well, teasing some world-shaking story elements as a consequence of their erotic night together. Just a sumptuous read!

My name is Eliza Loveless. I am an erotica writer. For about a decade, I have cut my teeth on fan-fiction, and now I'm ready to move into the publishing world. I write supernatural and sci-fi romance, as well as contemporary slice of life romance stories that showcases the human experience and what it means to learn from our struggles. I specialize in novel-length and short stories

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