Monday, May 6, 2019

Vintage Tanya Tales #3 is Now Available!

Last month I had the pleasure of introducing (re-introducing, for some old fans and friends) Fetish Immersion, the first of my Vintage Tanya Tales. The first story I ever published, half a lifetime and a whole other life ago, it is a forced feminization and role-reversal story with a rather dark soul. That was followed by Inside Job: From Taking Care to Taking Over, the second of my Vintage Tanya Tales, and my first body swap story

Today it is time to introduce you Suburban Sissy: Coaxed from the Closet, my third Vintage Tanya Tales and my first story of female domination, forced feminization, and sissy submission. The original draft of the story is still here in its entirety, with very little changed.
“Hello, my pretty. You don’t know me, but I feel like I know you. I am a woman in need of a sissy. Before you panic and delete this, know that I could have my pick of closets, but I’ve chosen to pluck you from yours.”
Maybe it's the story where I hit my stride, I don't know, but I was delighted to revisit it. What I did do was add to it, expand upon some of the sensory details, and flesh out two scenes where I felt I had done too much telling and not enough showing.
“I will not be pleased if you try my patience, so do not force me to spam all your accounts waiting for a response. Once you accept the inevitable, you will embrace your true purpose and thrive beneath my stern supervision.”

As with the first two Vintage Tanya Tales, what you are about to read is the same story I published a lifetime ago, just a little longer and a little deeper. Enjoy!

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