Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wood Working by Eliza Loveless (bisexual femdom cuckold)

Eliza Loveless sold me on Wood Working: A Lumberjack Romance with the promise of m/f/m cuckolding, female domination, boot worship, spanking, and erotic romance. It sounded like a fun read, so I gave it a shot, but I had no idea it would be so good.

I loved these characters. Penelope is a fantastic woman, stressed-out, coming off a broken relationship, and facing the abrupt end of her career. She comes to the cabin at her lowest, where Beau and Malcolm not only make her feel welcome, but recharge her sexual mojo. The two men are a wonderfully romantic couple on their own - I would gladly read a book about just them - and the way they share themselves while guiding her back to a position of power is beautiful.

This was erotic and romantic, intense and sensual. I would have loved to see more of Beau and Malcolm as a couple, but the cuckolding and the voyeurism is well done, and watching Penelope step into her role as dominatrix is even better. Had the story ended at the cabin, it would have been entirely satisfying, but the little epilogue that gives Penelope her life and love back is utterly delightful.

My name is Eliza Loveless. I am an erotica writer. For about a decade, I have cut my teeth on fan-fiction, and now I'm ready to move into the publishing world. I write supernatural and sci-fi romance, as well as contemporary slice of life romance stories that showcases the human experience and what it means to learn from our struggles. I specialize in novel-length and short stories. If you're interested in that. Watch this space.


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