Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Birthday Dress Made of Black Leather by KinkyWriter (femdom chastity bondage)

With so many KinkyWriter stories to choose from, I could have started anywhere, but random luck of the draw put A Birthday Dress Made of Black Leather in front of me first . . . and what a fortunate circumstance that turned out to be!

This is female domination erotica that is so sensual, so powerful, it immediately gets inside your head. It is the story of one man preparing his partner for a night of dancing, seduction, and sex with other men. A familiar enough scene for aficionados of female domination and cuckolding erotica, but KinkyWriter takes what most authors explore as foreplay and makes it the focus of the story.

There is so much to love about this. Jenna is naturally dominant, a playfully cruel woman who is intimately aware of her sexual power. Ben is naturally submissive, an obedient partner who thrives as much on punishment as reward. The dynamic between them is wonderfully playful, and yet it is clear this is not a game or a scene by a lifestyle born of mutual trust.

The act of dressing Jenna in her Birthday Dress Made of Black Leather is an erotic experience all on its own, and the worship of her boots is perfect. Ben's chastity is diabolical in its potential for pain, and I loved how the glistening evidence of his arousal triggered darker and deeper torment. The dialogue here, Jenna's especially, is glorious in how it so effortlessly slips from teasing to humiliating and back again, especially when she begins offering Ben such perverse choices. As for the ending, and the elaborate predicament in which it leaves Ben, it is one of the most erotic scenes of entrapment I have ever read.

If you would love to read this for free, and get (at least) 4 more erotic titles with it, all it takes is a $5 pledge to KinkyWriter's very first Patreon Pledge Drive!

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