Thursday, June 6, 2019

Chastity Planet Uncut by Giles English (femdom chastity)

I love stories of female domination taken to social extremes, stories of entire societies that operate on a principle of female supremacy. I am also intensely fascinated by the concept of chastity, both in the sense of giving up control over your own arousal, and in becoming conditioned to change behavior.

So, when Giles English announced that he was freeing himself of Amazon censorship to release his preferred author's edition of Chastity Planet Uncut, I was more than just a little excited. To my great delight, that excitement was entirely warranted!

This is a book that is very sexy, often amusing, and yet also very dark. Chastity Planet is a world of female supremacy, one where men are kept in a weirdly alien chastity that not only keeps them securely confined, but which allows women to provide momentary arousal, stinging pain, and even demerits (which build into public whippings).

A young man by the name of Robin is our window into this world. Through him, Giles does a wonderful job of capturing the physical and emotional torment of long-term chastity. Locked up for four months by the time the story starts, Robin is desperate, so desperate that he willingly endures just about anything for the mere promise of orgasm. Of course, it is not like he has much choice, given the way the society works. Given his chastity, much of the story revolves around oral worship, and if you think that might get boring, think again! There is so much variety to how, where, and who Robin serves, with everything from nocturnal assaults, to tender moments by the pool, to oral gangbangs on the dance floor, to reverse sort of glory hole booths.

This is not just a story about sex and slavery, however, there is also an emotional component that goes far beyond Robin's chastity torment. There are romantic elements to the story, aspects of intense infatuation, that both give us some hope for Robin's future, and further illustrate how love and lust can become transformed by chastity. There are so many wonderful women who surround Robin, using and abusing him for their pleasure, but my favorites are the young woman who enjoys tying men up and whipping them to her own orgasm, and the older woman who enjoys dominating young men and pegging them to orgasm.

Chastity Planet Uncut does have a definite edge. It is a story of control, dubious consent, and often cruel punishment, but there is always an out. Robin has plenty of opportunities to escape, either the moment or the world itself, but he chooses to remain . . . and that choice is perhaps the most powerful part of the story.

Giles English writes what he knows! As of March 2019, he'll have spent 5 years in a very kinky Female Led Relationship, and seven months in permanent chastity. His Femdom lifestyle revolves around tantalising sensual service, punishment whippings, domestic chores, and being a good husband to his disconcertingly dominant wife Xena. He likes telling stories in which realistic people end up in wildly kinky situations where the power "exchange" is real. Brace yourself for SciFi tales of sex slavery and permanent chastity, and dark contemporary romances.

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