Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Gloria's Secret & Other Stories by Damien Dsoul (cuckold creampie bisexual)

If you have a fetish for cuckolding, interracial relationships, exhibitionism, and submissive bisexuality, then you really do need to be reading Damien Dsoul - assuming, of course, you are not already an aficionado.

Gloria's Secret & Other Stories is a collection of one novella (the aforementioned Gloria's Secret) and several short stories. That novella is a prime example of what Damien is all about. It features a wife who not only openly cheats on her husband with their black gardener, but who brazenly sends her hubby a video to tip him off. She is proud of her sexuality and equally proud to share the news of her wanton pleasures with friends. In fact, she goes so far as to happily seduce other couples into enjoying the cuckold the lifestyle. It is all so exciting, but where so many authors focus on the cruelty and humiliation, Damien adopts an underlying theme of happiness and satisfaction that is undeniably attractive.

That Fateful Night is a very short story, both amusing (in the dialogue) and erotic (in the details), with a kinky multi-contributor approach to pregnancy.What Master Wants turns the tables somewhat, exploring how a black Master exposes the sexual submission of his white sissy, using his fetish to make a willing cuckold of his wife. Lisa Got a Queen of Spades Tattoo is a short tale of interracial hotwife pride in her lifestyle and attitude, while The Hotwife Ultimatum takes an interesting approach to saving a sexually disappointing marriage by having hubby do all the work to find a bull.

Blindfolded was intensely erotic, exploring the gangbang of a nervous, but excited, woman who can feel, taste, and smell, but see nothing of what is happening, leaving the duty of watching to her husband. He's the Writer, I'm the Black Master was a fun bit of meta fiction, with Damien (the author) and Shango (the character) teaming up to break in a new couple. Putting Out the Fire in Mrs. Jones gives us a peek at one of Damien's recurring characters, Thaddeus Black, who comes to collect a different kind of payment from a wife whose husband suspects she has been cheating. She may not have been before opening the door, but no woman can resist Mr. Black!

All I Want for Christmas is a super cute story to close out the collection, featuring a sexually adventurous couple who exchange their gifts (a chastity cage for him, lingerie for her) before she stuffs his stocking with a little pegging while they await Black Santa, who arrives to fill hers with something more substantial. I loved the romance behind the adventurism, the total lack of inhibition, and the appreciation for each other's talents. All marriages should be so open!

While the sex is hot, and the cuckolding aspects offer a little something for every taste - from loving acts of sharing, to wanton acts of humiliation, to filthy acts of destruction - what distinguishes Gloria's Secret & Other Stories is the quality of the writing and the genuine appreciation for a lifestyle, as opposed to fondness a fantasy. There is a reason Damien Dsoul is know as Master.

DAMIEN DSOUL is a certifiable sex fiend with a cursed sense of imagination. He's a black bastard who loves taking long walks, admiring lovely women, and then locking himself up in his room and putting thoughts to words.


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