Monday, June 17, 2019

Kappa Delti Girls by Daring Diane (crossdressing)

If you have yet to enjoy a story from Daring Diane, she has a wonderfully unique sense of style that you will not find in most transgender stories. Her stories have a gentle sense of humor, and her boys are often deliciously innocent and naive, so much so that they would seem ridiculous, if not for their sweet sincerity.

Kappa Delti Girls is about a casual young man who crossdresses as much for comfort and opportunity as to mess with his sister. The whole story starts with him getting caught wearing one of his sister's sorority t-shirts, which he pulled from the laundry and found to be wonderfully comfortable. She is annoyed that he is wearing her clothes, and gives him a lecture about sorority rules, but he brushes her off and goes to class without changing. Such a simple scenario, familiar to siblings, but the consequences . . . oh my!

With his slender figure, long hair, and sorority t-shirt, Danny gets mistaken for a Dani by other sorority girls, with one misunderstanding leading to another. He starts making friends, hanging with them, studying with them, and allowing them to fix his hair, do his nails, and help him accessorize his outfits. He escapes exposure so many times, with his sister just missing the chance to uncover what is happening with him, and that is where so much of the comedy comes in. What makes it so delightful is that innocent naivety I mentioned earlier, with Danny so completely oblivious to the situation for so long, not realizing the girls see him as . . . well, another girl!

A fun, amusing, uplifting story of finding your identity, making friends, and finding acceptance, Kappa Delti Girls is altogether a delightful read and my favorite Daring Diane book so far.

About Daring Diane: I enjoy writing books where the main character gets themselves into situations which may evolve out of their control. The primary books I have published on Amazon focus on cross-dressing or gender challenged characters who in the end are good people.

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