Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Panty Club by Daring Diane (crossdressing)

Although the story could benefit from more dialogue and less narrative, which I think would turn a good book into a great one, Panty Club is still a sweet, gender-affirming story that made me smile. Daring Diane tells a wholesome tale of best friends, one where the power of friendship trumps social norms or expectations.

Jordan is the only boy in a foursome, neighbors and best friends since childhood. While so many kids have grown apart as they move through high school, divided along gender lines, Jordan has only grown closer to the girls he knows best. I loved the way Diane put such a soft, ambiguous sort of perspective on his blurring of gender lines. His femininity is all illusion and perspective, more a matter of good grooming than any deliberate attempt to play with gender.

And then comes the Panty Club idea, with the girls suggesting they coordinate matching panties a few days a week. They select a style and material that isn't a stretch, and after a heartfelt discussion with his mother, Jordan agrees to play along. Things progress more rapidly from there, with matching outfits for gymnastics, cheerleading, and more. It is a subtle, beautiful story of fitting in and owning a sense of style, and all the more delightful for being so unorthodox.

About Daring Diane: I enjoy writing books where the main character gets themselves into situations which may evolve out of their control. The primary books I have published on Amazon focus on cross-dressing or gender challenged characters who in the end are good people.


  1. I think The Panty Club is a great idea! Actually several years ago my late wife and I coordinated/matched panties every day. Later, I had a girl friend and every morning we called each other to match panties we wore that day! Zoe

    1. I love that! Honestly, that is fabulous. Makes me smile. :)