Monday, June 3, 2019

Pitching a Tent by Thomas Pike (lesbian shemale)

Thomas Pike is one of those authors who can nail slow, seductive erotica just as well quick-and-nasty sex. Whether he is indulging in forbidden taboos or just exploring the more erotic nuances of long-term friendship, he just has a knack for drawing the reader into a story.

As with many of his stories, the characters are the main draw of Pitching a Tent. Here, he takes advantage of the long drive and even longer walk into the woods to establish the friendship between Alexa and Zoey, and to tease the erotic tension Alexa feels, owing to a secret she has never shared with friend or lover.

It is because of that connection that Zoey's wandering, sleepy hands make for such an exciting masturbatory pleasure, one fraught with Alexa's fears about discovery and consequences. The next night's dream-like oral explorations are no less awkward, and neither is the third night's reversal of those oral explorations. We do eventually get an explanation for Zoey's nocturnal fantasies, and it is not just the old cliché of only pretending to be asleep.

More importantly, we get a simple, if pivotal, scene of coming out and confession, allowing Zoey and Alexa to put aside dreams, fantasies, and mistaken identities and come together as best friends. Pitching a Tent is a fabulous reminder of just how powerfully erotic Pike can be when exploring love and lust between friends, free of forbidden taboos.

Thomas Pike is a quiet fellow that has found his calling with writing all sorts of Lesbian, Shemale, and even some Futa erotica. Now that he is on Smashwords, he can now focus on Incest, Bestiality, and even Forced encounters! If you're a fan of tamer themes, be sure to check him out at other retailers!

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