Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Seratis: Daughter of the Sun by N.J. Adel (reverse harem fantasy)

Seratis: Daughter of the Sun is a wonderfully imaginative and thought-provoking exploration of power, the power of belief, and the power of love. N.J. Adel does a stunning job of turning genre expectations on their head, approaching the fantasy aspects of the story from the inside out.

Usually, stories of Egyptian mythology revolve around mortal rulers, Kings and Queens and Pharaohs, presenting themselves as something magical and divine. They look to elevate themselves above the people and thereby validate and extend their rule. Here, we have the exact opposite. Queen Meh was so determined to prove herself mortal, to deny the myth of Seratis, that she had herself entombed for a hundred years. Ironically, upon awakening from asleep of a thousand years, she finds herself immortal, impervious to harm, and cursed with powers that would indeed make her seem a Goddess.

It is not just Meha, however, it is also her guard, her maid, and her apprentice - and the four of them are connected by those powers, privy to one another's emotions, with their soles laid bear. Having risen above rules of propriety, they bond over their shared passions, loving their Queen as they have only dared dream before. I would say their sex and passion is the hottest you have ever read, but I do not want to spoil the surprise.

That really just scratches the surface. This is a deep and deeply layered story, full of philosophies and ideas, with personalities carrying it along. Entirely delightful!

N. J. Adel is a cross genre author. From dark women's fiction to sci-fi and fantasy. From sexy short stories to full-length literary books. She loves it all. She teaches English by day and writes fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo.


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