Monday, July 15, 2019

An Introduction to Blue Magic by Baku Haku (futa lesbian erotica)

Baku Haku is an accomplished illustrator/artist who is making the transition to published prose with An Introduction to Blue Magic, the first book of the Riverwinter Chronicles, and it is an absolutely magnificent debut. You can tell there is an artist's soul and an illustrator's behind the book, capturing such erotically powerful images, but the storytelling and the narrative are as polished as anything you might expect from an author deep in their career.

This is the story of a young woman struggling through her second semester or magic school at Riverwinter Academy of the Occult Arts. She has learned more than a half dozen languages and mastered the finger dexterity of a "coked-out lesbian pianist," but her magical endurance for spell-casting is somewhat lacking. It is during one late night practice session that she spies a plain little navy-blue book, hidden within the library, that proves to be a guide to Blue Magic . . . or sexual magic.

Before I go any further, let me applaud Baku Haku for the detail invested in the rules of magic, the complexities of casting, and the progression of magic. It would be so easy to just start fooling around with erotically charged spells, but the approach here makes this more entertaining and more plausible at the same time. Hannah begins with a flexibility spell, and as simple as that seems, it makes for a mind-blowing night of masturbatory passion. Not content with the ability to fist herself, she ends up riding her massive bedpost, impaling herself on fourteen inches of polished wood - and accidentally putting on a show for her roommate. And that exposure is handled wonderfully, leading to an awkward conversation, a reinforcement of their friendship, and even a little sexual confusion.

Again, before I go any further, I have to say a word about the consequences of magic. We see Hannah struggle through the morning after, sore in places she has never been sore before, with muscles she did not even know existed aching from the strain. The magic as much as the sex has taken its toll, but rather than leaving her cautious or scared, Hannah gives in to her curiosity about what else is possible and jumps ahead to a masturbatory sex-magic adventure in the shower that is arousing, amusing, and astonishing in equal measure. It is this act that introduces us to the erotic world of futanari, and I love how that aspect is explored. All the over-the-top, exaggerated size, impossible stamina, and irresistible arousal you could hope for are here, but the story never loses sight of who Hannah is or what kind of journey she is on. Her relationship with Grace is established quite beautifully, playing with themes of girl-on-girl crushes, awkward friendships, misunderstood romantic cues, and more . . . before getting wildly erotic and deliciously messy!

As opening chapters goes, An Introduction to Blue Magic is a delightful tease of a new world and a story that leaves you hungry for more, but it is also a self-contained story that can be thoroughly enjoyed on its own.

My name's Baku and I draw things. I hope you enjoy my art. Be excellent to each other.

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