Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Chaste Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers by Giles English (femdom lesbian chastity)

Put aside your preconceived notions of what female domination and male chastity erotica should be, and instead imagine a lesbian romance built on those very same foundations. Chaste Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers is an altogether uniquely wonderful story that provides something new and unique for literary erotica aficionados.

The concept here is a simple one, but beautifully executed by Giles English. Herworld is an alien civilization that incorporates the alternate history and parallel world aspects of science fiction. It is an all-female, all-lesbian world built on the model of our Jazz Age, complete with flappers, dancers, vamps, and Bohemian artists.

As for how men get there, it is really quite an inventive twist on how these stories normally work. His may not be the only means of introduction, but Simon was abducted and duplicated, allowing him to exist in two places at once. He remembers his 'normal' life as working man on Earth, and speculates as to what that Simon is doing at the moment, even as he lives out his life as a chaste slave on Herworld, one who exists only to serve his owner's needs.

That slavery aspect is important, because Simon is little more than human livestock. In fact, perhaps the best way to explain this is that it is a lesbian romance as told by Lena's neglected pet. Lena is, for all intents and purposes, the main character here. It is her needs and desires that drive the story, her use for Simon that drives his purpose, and her interactions with the women around her that really form the narrative. We see her chafe against the attentions of a woman she used to love, who reminds her of a life she would rather put behind her, even as she longs for the affections of a woman she believes she could love, one who represents the promise of a new life.

As a voyeuristic servant, one who is often used as a sexual toy for Lena's pleasure, Simon certainly feels emasculated, humiliated, and frustrated by his predicament, but those are his emotions . . . and they are of no consequence to Lena or her lovers. As for Simon, he is just as aroused watching the women of Herworld be intimate with each other as his original self is watching lesbian internet porn back on Earth, but the difference is he can do nothing about it . . . even as he comes to appreciate his intimate involvement in those relationships. There is a dichotomy of cruelty and denial to the whole story that grows ever more fascinating the longer you think about it.

Beneath all that narrative weight, of course, there is an intensely erotic story that incorporates permanent chastity, anal milking, public whippings, oral servitude, and even the delicious cruelty of providing penetrative pleasure with a strap-on, allowing Simon to act as a man and yet feel nothing of it. Chaste Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers is a largely melancholy tale, entirely fitting for a Jazz Age romance, but one that does shift and transform along the way.

Giles English writes what he knows! As of March 2019, he'll have spent 5 years in a very kinky Female Led Relationship, and seven months in permanent chastity. His Femdom lifestyle revolves around tantalising sensual service, punishment whippings, domestic chores, and being a good husband to his disconcertingly dominant wife Xena. He likes telling stories in which realistic people end up in wildly kinky situations where the power "exchange" is real. Brace yourself for SciFi tales of sex slavery and permanent chastity, and dark contemporary romances.


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