Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Futas and their Femboys by Alice Layne (futa femboy sissy)

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are not already reading Alice Layne, then you are missing out on something (and someone) special. Her stories contain that perfect blend of sexual and sensual, of erotic and romance, with characters you wish would step off the page and into your arms.

Futas and their Femboys collects the first five stories in her delicious series, and every single one of them is a delight. A big part of what I find so enjoyable about these stories is the matter-of-fact approach Layne takes to gender and sexuality. There are no surprise reveals or shocking exposures of the futas. In fact, they are never even referred to as futa . . . or transsexual, or shemale, or anything else. They are simply women with (large) penises, and everybody in the stories accepts that as natural. Similarly, the femboys in these stories are cute boys who like to dress and act feminine, and while the stories do acknowledge some bullying and teasing, the femboys are more accepted than you might expect. What's more, there is no need to define or label their sexuality, no question of gay or straight or bisexual - they are simply attracted to these unique women.

Samantha and a Sweet Sissy is the story of a teacher, her student, and their mutual attraction. There is no obvious indication that she is futa for the first part of the story, and how that comes out, and how he already knew, is part of the charm. It is a sweet story of two people who know they are crossing professional boundaries, but they are willing to take the chance because they both sense this is about love and not just lust.

Ashley Cheats with a Submissive Sissy is a super fun story of a cheeky little sissy brat and the lonely, horny, risk-taking woman who finds him on a dating app. This one has a bit of an edge to it, with both lovers teasing each other, testing each other's bounds, and I adored how willfully disobedient the sissy was, earning himself spankings and more. There is a lovely little twist at the end of the story that I will not spoil for you, but it forces you to look at everything in a whole new light.

Pepper and a Cheating Sissy is a wonderful story of encouragement and discovery, and the only one in the collection that does not begin with a femboy, instead feminizing a male maid through some friendly, romantic, encouraged (not forced) gender exploration. It is altogether lovely to watch this vanilla young man come to realize his desires to be sissy bottom for a beautiful (and very well-hung) woman. Such a gorgeous story, and one that is guaranteed to leave a happy smile on your face.

Jackie and her Sissy Best Friend is a different story again, a friends-to-lovers romance that gets deep into the conflicting emotions of love and lust, the boundaries between friends versus lovers, and the fear of taking things to the next level. There is a lot of dialogue to this one, a very slow progression of anything erotic, and that is entirely okay. I loved what it suggests about futas and femboys, and I adored how it does not treat their relationship any different because of the clothing or body parts involved.

Sierra Falls for a Trap is a sadder, more melancholy story, one that is rooted in the pain of betrayal, but the way in which Layne so casually deals with variations on sexuality is exquisite. I hesitate to say too much, because the way the story develops is part of the charm, but I was really impressed with the emotions that are explored. It is a story of surprises, but not the kind you are expecting.

There are authors who do romance well and others who do erotica well. There are authors who know how to write sex and others who know how to write emotion. There are authors who can make you feel all hot horny and others who can make you feel warm and snuggly. Alice Layne is one of those rare talents that can do both, and Futas and their Femboys is a lovely example of her talent.

About Alice Layne: Hello! A little bit about me, I'm a twenty-three-year-old transgender woman pursuing writing erotica as a career. My stories are short, emotionally dense, and steamy! Often, these stories have a focus on crossdressing, sissification, cheating, and other naughty things....


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