Friday, July 19, 2019

Sex Toy Review: Head Shock AV Rod Massage Vibrator

Oooh, something exciting today, perhaps the start of a new semi-regular feature if we can get enough goodies coming in the door to test cumming in the bedroom. :)

The lovely team at Bestvibe contacted me last month to ask if I might have any interest in reviewing some of their sex toys. Naturally, I responded with my delight and excitement, and my beloved and I immediately began browsing their website to see what tickled our fancies.

The Website & Shopping Experience

First off, is a very nice, easy-to-use website with filters for gender (him, her, and couples) and a wide variety of categories (from anal toys to vibrators) with sub-categories for specials and new products. All the products have a number of photos that show you exactly what you are getting, and in addition to reviews there are user guides to go along with the descriptions. The point is, no surprises!

Shipping and Packaging

As you will see on the website, they promise "completely plain and boring packaging" that is delivered discreetly with no mention of the Bestvibe name or logo on the outside of the package. I will be totally honest, I had a pretty good guess as to what was in the plain brown bubble envelope that arrived in the mailbox, so I did not analyze it too closely, but it seemed very plain and indeed boring.

Inside, there was plenty of packing material to keep things safe during shipping, and the toy itself came sealed in its original box. The box itself was pretty, with a nice design on it, but largely plain as well, with no name or logo. The side of the box does provide a bit of detail on features, but nothing that obviously screams "sex toy" to anybody opening your mail.


Upon opening the box, we found a sturdy plastic clam-shell that kept the toy from bouncing around, along with a discreet, soft, styrofoam-like wrapping to keep it secure and to protect the finish.

Head Shock AV Rod Massage Vibrator

The toy we chose to pop our Bestvibe cherry was the 7 Vibration Patterns Head Shock AV Rod Massage Vibrator, which retails at a surprisingly affordable $34.99 (with free shipping for orders over $50). We have been looking for a good massager, and once we realized this had a rotating tail, we were hooked!

First of all, this looks and feels absolutely wonderful. The texture is just lovely, and the skin fits loosely enough to allow for the full range of motion, while still feeling solid inside. The buttons are clearly marked and beautifully illuminated, making them easy to use while keeping them from getting in the way and causing accidental changes in mode or intensity. We have had a few toys where the buttons were too discrete, making them hard to use in the heat of the moment, so this is just about perfect.


Okay, so let us talk about the massage wand end first. It is a nice size, well-rounded, and so comfortable to feel sliding against your skin. There are 7 levels of intensity, and the power they provide is really surprising for a USB-rechargeable wand of this size. The lower levels made for some delightful nipple play, while the higher intensities were perfect for exploring down below. If my beloved's thrashing could be measured, it would be a 5-star review on its own, and apparently my moans and whimpers were something memorable as well. :)

The other end, I will freely admit, was my favorite. It is a little larger than some of our toys, but lubricates very nicely, and the looseness of the skin actually helps with penetration. Just having the wand end vibrating feels wonderful, with those vibrations traveling down the shaft, but when you turn on the rotations . . . Oh My God! The whole end twirls around, stroking you inside like the softest finger, and vibrates in just about any intensity you could ask for. Seriously, Oh My God!

The Verdict

Clean-up is a breeze, and with the little velvet bag included, this is super easy to store. Even after two nights of thorough - ahem - testing, this has quickly become our favorite toy. It is soooo worth trying, especially with the price.

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