Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sin City Sissy by Faye Bouquet (sissy bisexual)

A diamond in the rough with some lovely facets, particularly at the beginning and the end, Sin City Sissy was a recent Freebie Fetish Friday discovery. This appears to be Faye Bouquet's debut story (they do not have a bio or any social links to introduce themselves), but I truly hope it is only the first of many more to come.

Those lovely facets I mentioned? They include the genuine anxiety of Adam at the beginning, which was captured very well; the plans he made to 'force' himself to follow through on his fantasy; the detail invested in his transformation into April; and the way her confidence builds with each stranger who notices - and, just as importantly, does not notice - her as something 'weird'. It is all so realistic and thoughtful, I suspect Faye has walked the same walk before.

The other lovely facets come near the end, all tied into the character of Crystal. For much of the story, she just seems to be a cruel accessory to DeShawn's domination, a woman who verbally abuses and physically manipulates the young sissy. However, there are glimpses of personality there, moments where the woman inside shines through, and they struck me. They are as genuine as they are bright, and those moments of humanity help lead April to a breathtakingly sweet moment of self-awareness that, for me, encapsulates the whole story.

In between, the story is a standard erotic fantasy with a young white sissy dominated by a group of dominant black men, roughly used for their pleasure, and loving it. It is well-written, with the kind of demeaning dialogue and purple prose description readers might expect, and the awakening of April's sexuality is a delight to watch. As in any fantasy, April stretches a little too quickly and easily to be realistic, but Faye does address the consequences of tired jaws, aching bodies, and quivering muscles, which is nice to see.

Sin City Sissy was more than I expected, with those facets really making it shine. Hopefully, we will see more from Faye soon.

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