Saturday, July 13, 2019

TG Caption - Good Girls Make Bad Drivers

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

As soon as I saw this photo - that boyish face, with that guilty yet seductive gaze - I knew the story. At least, I thought I did. For the most part, it went according to plan, but then the cop threw a fun little twist in there at the end.

What do you think? Did you see that coming? Would you have ended it differently?


  1. Loved it Sally.....loved the setup....loved the twist!!!

  2. Had a good idea about the twist, but it was still well done! The picture was perfect for exactly what you wanted to do convey and it really works to your advantage!