Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Futa Virus Collection 1 by Relm Jayne (futa bisexual erotica)

Naughty Ladies Publications may be a small publishing house, home to just a handful of authors, but it is a mark of quality for fans of futanari fiction. Reed James is, of course, its most well-known and successful author, a master of futa-on-female and futa-on-futa erotica, but Relm Jayne has quietly been making a name for herself by tackling the futa-on-male taboo.

While I have read a few of Jayne's stories, I wanted to go back to the beginning and explore her world from the start with The Futa Virus Collection 1, which collects the first three of (at last count) forty-seven stories in her longest-running series.

It all begins with Futa Patient Zero, which actually does a decent bit of world-building for an erotic short story. We meet the man responsible for the outbreak, a dying scientist guided by hallucinations resulting from his tumor, with a 'mission' is prompted by the timely discovery of a pornographic manga. There is no malice or hidden agenda, no alien or otherworldly influence, just a brilliant scientist facing his own demise who follows his hallucinatory dreams.

Zelda Johnson, an American woman on vacation with her boyfriend, just happens to be in the right place at the right time to become infected with the Futa Virus. Her awakening on the plane ride home is well done, starting with a sleepy fantasy about the two Japanese stewardesses, with her body's own subconscious clues leading her to discover her massive new appendage. Yes, panic does ensue, but it soon gives way to uncontrollable lust.

As we discover, in addition to its most obvious physical change, the virus was also designed to amplify sex drive, increase pheromones, and lower impulse control and judgment in Zelda . . . and everyone in close contact. That is why her boyfriend finds her as irresistible as the stewardesses, and why, even as a straight man, he is so eager to drop to his knees and take her into his mouth. The erotic aspects of this are super yummy, full of acts that strain the bounds of credibility, fueled by ridiculous amounts of futa cream, with the passionate glee of the participants keeping it all light and fun.

Futa Enjoys Her Men, the second book in the series, covers days one and two of the Futa Virus outbreak and picks up the action in the airport where Zelda struggles to conceal her new appendage, with Mark all too eager to help take care of it. There is some glorious exhibitionism to the opening scene, with the risk of being caught adding to the erotic tension, but it is the erotic dialogue - the increasingly dirty talk between lovers - that really fuels the fire. We get to watch as she pegs him from behind, taking his cherry with the help of her own creamy lube.

A big part of what I loved about this is the fact that Mark is still a straight man, as hunky and attractive as he was before tasting her futa cream. There is no feminization or gender swap required to justify his attraction, just the natural chemical arousal of a man already attracted to a woman, no matter what might have grown between her legs. Jayne even uses pegging terms to explore his deflowering, which helps reinforce the traditional relationship aspect of a very nontraditional coupling.

As glorious as that scene was, I think the scene in the laundry room back home is probably my favorite of the first three stories. The tease and seduction aspect of Zelda slowly placing one pair of panties at a time in the washer as she flirts with Carl, another tenant in the building, is absolutely delicious. There is some narrative attention paid to the virus driving a sexual response that removes the emotional aspect of betrayal, justifying the infidelity as something uncontrollably biological, and the progression from flirting to sexual depravity is beautiful. I particularly loved how Carl began worshiping Zelda from behind, as if she were any other woman, only to discover her secret with a wandering hand. After declaring, "I don't care," he continues to treat her like a beautiful woman, even she rides him hard in front of a very surprised young woman. That sex and gender positivity is wonderful!

Taking a break from Zelda and her conquests, Airplane's Futa Outbreak returns to the story of Airi, one of the sexy Japanese stewardesses from the first story, who is the first person to successfully contract the virus through futa exposure. There is a fun bit of sexual discovery and exploration with a fellow stewardess, especially when Airi pulls rank, telling Michiko it is her duty to assist with a blowjob, which is all the excuse she needs to give in to the chemical desires fueled by the Futa Virus.

The reveal that Reina, the other stewardess from the first story, is now futa too is fun, but what really puts this over the top is the involvement of Ritsuko, a prima donna JPop celebrity who is very demanding about her sushi. Airi decides to teach the young woman a lesson by secretly seasoning the sushi with her own special sauce, and the way that scene develops, with Ritsuko's hesitance giving way to hunger, leaving her to frantically masturbate in front of a plane full of people is . . . well, just delicious.

An unexpectedly fun aspect of this story was the way Jayne played with themes of power and privilege, starting with the stewardess hierarchy and ending with the JPop prima donna. She really allows that theme to carry the story, leading to the ultimate erotic clash between Airi and Ritsuko. The young celebrity knows what happened, realizes what she ate, and recognizes the stewardess as futanari, but continues to be arrogant, demanding, and extremely vocal about the situation. She cannot control her prima donna nature any more than she can control her chemical arousal, and she quickly turns the tables, taking control and using the two futas for her own pleasure.

For a first taste of Relm Jayne's writing, I cannot recommend The Futa Virus Collection 1 highly enough. This is hot and sexy erotica, well-written, with some real thought behind the concept, and a wonderfully positive approach to gender and sexuality, with nary a thought of shame or embarrassment.

Relm is a naughty girl that wants to share her sexy stories of sultry futas! Girls with dicks spray their creamy passion across the pages of her stories! Writing in her private lair, a glass of wine at hand, Relm unleashes her naughty, futa fantasies upon the world! So if you like your women hot, sexy, and packing huge cocks, then you'll love Relm's stories!


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