Thursday, August 1, 2019

Artificial Transformation by Trista Kerne (bodyswap transgender romance)

This is not your average "boy becomes girl magical transformation" story!

Blurbs like that are always interesting because they immediately capture the reader's attention, but they also set certain expectations. They tend to leave readers excited, yet cautious. Fortunately, the blurb entirely fits Artificial Transformation, and Trista Kerne has indeed written something a little different here.

Bailey is a self-described snowflake, a young man who grew up as part of a generation with a sense of entitlement, who chose to escape into a new life rather than deal with his problems. As a test subject for an experimental surgery, his brain has been transplanted into a body manufactured to his liking - female, Asian, and stunningly beautiful.

The story is really divided into three stages, the first of which is the process of awakening, adjusting, and adapting. Kerne does a wonderful job of describing familiar aspects like strength and balance issues, but also delves into sensory issues that are fascinating to explore. It requires a significant part of the book to take place inside Bailey's head, without a lot of dialogue or external stimuli, but it works.

The second stage of the book covers the thrill of coming out, of rejoining society as a beautiful woman. Again, Kerne does a lovely job of capturing how Bailey sort of stumbles through her new life, having to learn how to move, react, and interact with her surroundings. It is sweet, sometimes sexy, and endlessly exciting.

The final stage involves relationships, both romantic and sexual, with Bailey learning the nuances of flirting with both genders. Here, the story moved a little too quickly for my tastes, with Bailey leaping into a relationship and then almost immediately flirting with temptation. I get what Kerne was trying to do, and I understand Bailey's desire to experience everything, but in reading those erotic scenes I was reminded of her 'snowflake' past, and it made me wonder whether that 'crybaby' with the 'perception of victimhood' had really changed.

Finally, while Artificial Transformation is a complete story, there is a rather large cliffhanger with some looming questions, so do not expect to understand everything about Bailey's new life.

Trista Kerne is a relatively new author. Mostly science fiction (spiced up with a touch of erotica). Lives in a highrise in New york city. Still single with a wild and creative imagination! Open to suggestions and constructive criticism.


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