Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Bound but not Restricted by Drew A. Lennox (BDSM romance)

While I have thoroughly enjoyed my previous literary flirtations with Drew A. LennoxBound but not Restricted is truly something special. It is a powerful, wonderfully uplifting tale of love and romance that knows no bounds.

Seven years ago, Sophia Jensen was left paralyzed by a head-on collision with a drunk driver. She not only lost the ability to walk, she lost her job, saw her boyfriend leave, had her father abandon her because he could not deal. None of that broke her, though. Sophia came through it stronger and more resilient than before and, as the story opens, she is living on her own while working a job she enjoys with people she considers friends.

And then Ace, the new delivery guy shows up with a package for her boss, and suddenly everything changes. There is a spark there, a lovely bit of flirtation, but she is afraid to pursue it because of her wheelchair. Ace, however, refuses to allow it to stand between them. He is a sweet, loving, caring man who does not see obstacles, but opportunities to try something new, to do something familiar in a different way - which is especially intriguing with the BDSM element.

I admit, I was nervous as to how this was all going to play out, but I think Lennox has done a wonderful job of writing a story that is bold and romantic, supporting and embracing Sophia in ways that surprised and delighted me. This is what I would call a soft BDSM romance. There is spanking, punishment, collaring, and more, but it is playful and sweet, with the focus on mutual satisfaction. Together, Ace and Sophia come up with some interesting positions and alternatives to traditional bondage practices, and the sense of discovery is almost as much fun as the orgasms that result.

There is some tension to Bound but not Restricted, some doubt and pain, but every couple must be tested before they can be sure of their love, and it is all in pursuit of a wonderfully happy ending.

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