Thursday, August 29, 2019

Forced Feminization Bundle 2 by Lady Alexa (feminization femdom)

In Forced Feminization Bundle 2, the wonderful Lady Alexa collects another 7 stories of female domination, feminization, sissification, and humiliation. These are not just stories, however, they are snippets of a lifestyle, a peek inside the mind of a woman feminizing her husband as part of their own female led relationship.

His Breasts takes feminization fantasies to a surgical extreme, exploring a female-led-relationship where a fetish for sucking on hubby's oversized nipples leads to so much more. This was a wonderful story of having a fantasy run wild, with a rather naive husband and a lovingly dominant wife. There is quite a bit of humor to this, and plenty of appeal for panty and French maid fetishists.

In Dresses and Skirts is a more traditional forced feminization story involving an arrogant young man who comes to spend a summer with his Aunt, and who finds things are not going to go as he expected. While there is nothing really new or innovative to the plot, the storytelling and the characterization is what makes it so much fun.

From Here to Femininity was my favorite story in the collection, opening with a feminized man waking to spankings, humiliation, and some erotic anal penetration. The story then steps back in time to explore how he got to that point, having unintentionally misled the women of a female-led commune with a feminine-looking name on his resume, only to find that he is still the perfect candidate for the job . . . he will just have to be feminized to fit their society. As Selina says at one pivotal point, "Gender doesn't have to be biological." So much wonderful detail here, particularly in defining the commune, exploring its women, and (of course) pushing, pressuring, and misleading Vivian into exaggerated femininity.

A Perfect Life is a very short tale, just a few pages, but it presents a lovely idea - a career woman with a feminized secretary at the office and a feminized husband at home.

Maximum Humiliation is another short story, this time exploring the aftermath of a forced feminization with a man waking to find himself bound and feminized in public, with strangers stopping by the gawk, ridicule him, and take photos of his predicament. Humiliation is not generally something I enjoy, but the way this is told, with memories of last night adding color to the scene, is quite exciting . . . and those finale lines are exquisite!

The Feminisation Game is a dinner scene, with a feminized sissy forced to serve his wife's guest, only to find far more of their private lifestyle exposed than he is comfortable with. It is a story that manages to combine dread with excitement, ending with a humiliating game, before leaving us with a major tease!

Feminized and Pretty is a bit of a treat for fans, offering us a pair of excised chapters from Lady Alexa's three-part erotic epic, exploring more of how Patrick came to be under Elizabeth's control, and just how his feminization began. Of course, if you have not read the novels, this also serves as a lovely tease to get you reading!

If Forced Feminization Bundle 2 tickles your fancy and you find yourself craving more of Lady Alexa's stern by loving guidance, be sure to read Forced Feminization Bundle 1, which is a massive collection of stellar stories, and Forced Feminization Bundle 3, which I will be reviewing soon!

Alexa Martinez is an author and a blog writer from London England writing under her femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. She is an advocate of female domination and writes about femdom, forced feminisation, gender transformation and male humiliation. Her blog is a true-life account of living in a female led relationship with her submissive feminised husband.


  1. Ive read most of her first bundle and also have her three part story Becoming Joanne along with her two part story Feminized and Pretty where a gigolo finds out who's in control.

  2. Oh and I already have this book