Monday, August 5, 2019

Futa in the Dorms by JC Winchester (futa bisexual)

While it is not a third visit to the Futa Ranch (we will just have to be patient), JC Winchester is back with another erotic exploration of futa sexuality. Futa in the Dorms is a fun read, full of that sense of adventurism and exploration that we often associate with college, tempered (somewhat) by the sweet and friendly personality of Rhonda, the newly-awakened futa at the center of all the fun.

Having simply awakened one morning to find herself transformed, Rhonda is less concerned with boring doctors who cannot help her and more with sexy students to whom she can help herself. Her fantasies, like her libido, have become wildly exaggerated but, so far, she has refrained from acting on them.

Jaylyn, her roommate, changes all that. They have flirted and snuggled and confided in one another all year, and it is she who decides to initiate the next step. Virgin Silvia is a super cute addition to the story, and sleepy Brandon sort of wraps things up by allowing Rhonda to indulge her most powerful fantasy.

What I loved here, aside from Rhonda's personality, was the way Winchester flirted with so many futa tropes. The story plays with seduction and submission, hinting at how Rhonda's nature influences those around her, but is content to leave it teasingly suggestive. Futa fans will likely pick up on a lot more of those cues than the casual reader, but that is just part of the fun. As you might imagine, having a Futa in the Dorms opens up all sort of possibilities for erotic distraction, and the ending suggests this may not be the last we see of sexy Rhonda.

JC Winchester grew up reading just about anything he could get his hands on, from cereal boxes to the Hardy Boys. He loves most forms of fiction, particularly fantasy and military sci-fi, with some of his favorite authors including John Ringo, Robert Jordan, and Tom Clancy. After several years in the Navy he enrolled in a community college and eventually to a university in the mountains. There he settled down, savoring a life not filled with the noises of the city but instead the sounds of bellowing cattle. When not writing he can usually be found taking care of the horses on his place, riding, hiking, fishing, or the never ending task of splitting firewood.


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