Monday, August 12, 2019

She Wants More by Sagan Morrow (poly romance)

The concept of polyamory is one that is being increasingly explored in romance, having successfully made the transition from erotica (where I first encountered it), which is exciting because it really is something that is far more about love than it is sex.

She Wants More is the fourth Polyamorous Passions book from Sagan Morrow, but they can all can be read as standalone stories, especially this one, since it begins Helen's personal arc.

Since it is only the beginning of that personal arc, this is a book that is less about entertaining a polyamorous relationship and more about exploring the reasons one might desire it. It is a story that is full of doubts, desires, questions, and reflections. Morrow takes a serious look at not just the motivations behind polyamory but the mechanics and consequences of it.

Helen and Ben are an interesting couple, almost gender-flipped in that she is the career woman and he is the caregiver, planning wedding tasks in her absence and dropping everything to care for a sick grandmother. The tension that follows her introduction of the idea is genuine, and I appreciated how the story gave them both space to understand what it might mean.

There is a bit of a fun twist towards the end of the story that made me see Ben in a whole new light, and what follows that is as romantic as it is adventurous, but I have already said too much!

Sagan Morrow has a degree in Rhetoric, Writing & Communications, with a decade of experience as a businesswoman, blogger, and copywriter across a variety of industries. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Sagan is an amateur burlesque dancer and identifies as polyamorous. Sagan has authored several business books and teaches online courses to empower new freelancers as they grow their own successful businesses. The Polyamorous Passions series is her first foray into fiction.

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