Tuesday, September 10, 2019

April Garrus Teases Tigress of Futan! (Guest Post & Giveaway)

To help celebrate the release of Tigress of Futan III: Survival Instincts, April Garrus has delighted us with a visit to talk about the series, share a sneak-peek, and offer a lovely freebie to draw new readers into her world. 

If you have yet to enjoy the books, please check out my reviews of Tigress of Futan and Tigress of Futan II . . . and stay tuned next week for my review of Zorah's latest adventure!


Hello, I’m April Garrus and I write erotica. First, I’d like to thank Sally for allowing me to post on her blog. Second, I’d like to convince you to read my erotic sci-fi series Tigress of Futan.

Tigress of Futan is the story of Zorah and her struggle with the ideological powers that define her life. It’s also a story about power, fear, and desire; about black and white morality, and the gray reality between. It’s about violence, the self, love, and the lack thereof. It’s a human story starring aliens.

If that sounds ambitious, it is!

It’s also about fucking. This is an erotic series, after all and there’s plenty of hot, sticky, passionate sex to be had. There are also enough stiff nipples and panting breaths, throbbing cocks and gushing cunts to satisfy even the most superficial reader.

As a heads up, Zorah is a futanari–a female with male genitalia. She supplies most of those throbbing cock moments I mentioned. Now, to some of you that might seem weird. To others, it may be intriguing. And to some it’s old news–if you’re a fan of Sally’s this if probably the case. To ease fears, stoke curiosities, and prove credibility here’s an excerpt from book one in which Zorah and her friend Mally have snuck off for a quick, and forbidden, foray in the library:


“You really were lying,” Zorah laughed. “You haven’t come like that in a while.”

“It’s your fault,” Mally said, pouting. “I wouldn’t have gotten so worked up if you hadn’t teased me.”

“All part of the game.” Mally made to pick up her linens, and Zorah took her by the wrist. “You don’t think we’re done, do you?” She stood, her cock standing as well. “That wouldn’t be fair. Just look at me.”

Mally’s eyes glanced down, lingering on the other woman’s large member.

“I’m looking.”

“I know you are.” The kissed. “And I like it.”

She guided Mally’s wrist till she was turned around, hands on the tabletop. Zorah ran her palms down the girl’s body, stopping to feel her hips. She leaned in, smelling her hair as she pressed her cock against her ass. Reaching between her legs, Zorah held her open and guided her tip to Mally’s entrance.

“This is my favorite part,” she whispered.

Mally stiffened as Zorah’s cock touched her, purring as she felt the head pass between her ready lips, and moaning as her body swallowed the thick length. Zorah shivered as she was coated in her friend’s cum–taking long, slow strokes to cover her entirety before building pace and rhythm.

Mally’s inside clung to her, even as it pushed with her mounting climax. Zorah drove deep, resting her weight on the other woman and using her hips as leverage to drive harder. Soon the sound of their panting was rivaled by the sounds of wet skin, both growing as the intensity of the moment increased.

Zorah’s heart pounded as the pressure grew in her hips. Her balls ached for release, and she knew she was near. She felt Mally growing close as well, and gripped a breast as she drove herself harder. Panting into the other woman’s ear, she reached out, feeling her emotions as a vortex of intense, nervous pleasure.


Tigress of Futan is most certainly influenced by Star Wars and I won’t try to hide that fact. I created the character back when I did a lot of online erotic role-play and wanted to do something in a Star Wars setting. Playing a powerful and evil character was a lot of fun–especially if she had telekinesis and a huge cock. When the time came to write her story for my old Hot Flashes website, I took a deeper interest in her.

An evil character can be fun, yes, but they aren’t usually all that interesting. And an uninteresting character can’t survive the rigors of being the lead in a long running series. So I took a look not at who she was, but how she got there. I was playing Zorah at her eventual end. But everyone else needed to see how she got there.

What happens to make someone cruel and vicious? Who hurt Zorah? Where did she go wrong? Was it her fault? Could it have been avoided or was she destined to villainy?

These are the questions I want to answer. I want to do so one step at a time.

One of my biggest irritations with media is when it rushes the story. I have a hard time believing in character relationships and developments simply because they don’t devote enough time to those developments. In my opinion, the best stories take their time–they show us each progressive development in those characters’ lives so that when we reach the next turning point, it seems only natural. Some good examples are Kentaro Miura’s manga Berserk (a well from which I eternally draw), Lawrence of Arabia (swoon), and the film version of Blue is the Warmest Color (the later half of the graphic novel being a counter example of rushed storytelling). Each of these take great pains to make sure you see how the characters are growing. And it pays off. Boy does it pay off.

It’s also worth noting that Berserk is 40 volumes long, and both movies mentioned mark at three or more hours. This is important, because having that much space to work allows for this kind of rich character growth to be possible. You can’t do the same things in two hundred pages that you can in four hundred. This is only excusable if those pages matter, and I assure you that my pages matter. Each volume of Tigress of Futan has been about ten thousand words, or less than fifty pages. Each installment is a tightly written story unto itself that, when put together, will reveal the greater arc of Zorah’s journey. This makes them digestible while maintaining the possibility for greater story telling.

So, what’s my goal with Tigress of Futan?

I want to make a series that’s fun in a world that’s interesting with enough philosophical depth to keep their attention. I want to make a character that polarizes readers. And I want to make the best damn futanari books on the market. And I think it’s working.

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