Monday, September 9, 2019

Sisters & The Chase by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian romance erotica)

Sorcha Rowan is a remarkable author, a woman of both sweetness and kinkiness, a veritable Mistress of fetish with as much a flair for romance as erotica. Her stories are more than just wonderful reads, they are gorgeous escapes into the realm of women who love other women.

Sisters (But Not Like That) is one of those stories that lands gently on the sweetly romantic end of the bookshelf. It is a period piece, set in the more innocent (and less progressive) era of the 1950s. Jessica and Bobby have been the best of friends since they were preschoolers, and while circumstances have prevented them from being more, Bobby has always dreamed.

The problem is, as much as Bobby loves her, Jessica is the daughter of a strictly religious family, and she has always had to play the good girl who only dates good boys. She has, however, been secretly been in love with Bobby for years, and when another date ends badly . . . she seizes the initiative and claims the kiss she has so long desired.
"We aren't going to be able to walk down the street and hold hands . . . So no, I'm going to take every second I can to just look into this soft blue eyes. I'm going to hold your hands and kiss your fingertips."
What I loved so much about this was the passion between the two young women. Even when lost in the moment, enjoying the pleasures they have to offer, they never lose sight of that friendship - especially since those stolen moments are all Jessica can have. That does not mean they cannot get kinky, or that they are above exploring boundaries, but it is always romance, not lust, that guides their actions. Just a lovely tale, with a lovely happily-for-now ending that lets us hope they might one day be able to live and love openly.

That brings us to Sorcha's other new story . . .

The Chase is rooted firmly in the kinky, erotic end of Sorcha's bookshelf. It is a story of female domination, primal eroticism, and a fetish for the thrill of the chase. Meghan is the Alpha Wolf, Evie is her submissive Rabbit . . . and Jay . . . well, she is the very wild card in this game of sexual prey.

This is an aggressive, lustful story of women claiming their primal needs from one another. It is almost violent in its intensity, although Evie makes it clear from the very beginning that this is a game, that their chase through the woods is part of their power exchange. Their pursuit is full of conflict and challenge, wrestling games, and rough sex. It is intense, and it is exhilarating.

The discovery of an observer introduces additional tension, along with the exhibitionism, and what Meghan does with that aspect of the story brings out the true dynamic of the erotic power exchange. As is fitting, this is full of tastes and smells, a visceral experience of the senses where fingers tease, hands spank, teeth bite, and tongues lash.

Whether you are the rabbit or the wolf, predator or prey, you will enjoy The Chase.

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

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