Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tigress of Futan III by April Garrus (futa lesbian scifi erotica)

Representing a definite change of pace from the first two Tigress of Futan stories, Survival Instincts is a lighter, more playful story, although it does still have its share of violence. In fact, it opens with a beating that, were this not a sci-fi tale, would have left Zorah with permanent brain damage, if not altogether dead.

The silver lining of that beating is that she awakes in the infirmary with a cute girl by the name of Jül. I loved the introduction of Jül to the story because she is responsible for that lighter tone, bringing with her sweetness and cuteness and an adorable degree of shyness.

If you think of this series as a relationship, Tigress of Futan represented the sexual awakening of futa romance, Foundations of a Monster captured the deeper sexuality of a BDSM power-exchange, and Survival Instincts explores the tenderness of after-care before ramping things back up with erotic teasing.

In fact, there is no actual sex in this volume. Instead, April Garrus teases us with flirtation, exhibitionism, and masturbation (both solo and mutual). In doing so, she echoes back to the romance of the first book, once again putting Zorah in a position where she must lead a reluctant partner, although with far different consequences.

This was not where I expected the story to go next, but I am absolutely delighted by the surprise, and I really do want to see more of Zorah and Jül - even (or especially) if it proves to be as impossible a fit as Zorah fears.
World traveler and aspiring God-Empress, April Garrus tried a number of things (teaching, MMA, pro wrestling, etc.) before discovering a profound talent for writing dirty stories. She enjoys coffee, metal, kung fu movies, and crushing her enemies.


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