Thursday, October 31, 2019

Essential Halloween Reading - Sally Style!

Happy Halloween, bois and ghouls!

If you would care to make my fave night complete, I am more than happy to turn a few literary tricks if you promise to share with me your melted treats! I am super good at, ahem, cleanup. :)

Fear, Love and Broken Things is 10,000 words of erotic horror that explores fear, love, and the redemption of broken things

Packed with 7,000 words of pulp futa adventure, complete with a taboo side of monster erotica, Futanari Moans and the Suckers’ Cure is superbly silly, and scandalously sexy! Perfect for fans of her first adventure, or those just discovering her.

Gender Swapped by the Haunted Brothel is 14,000 words of gender transformation, sexual awakening, and paranormal penetration. 

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