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Fiction Exclusive: The Rose’s Thorn by Miss Irene Clearmont

My beloved and I are off on a short vacation, which means no Freebie Fetish Friday post today (sorry), but I have something extra special to share with you in its place.

I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Miss Irene Clearmont over the past year, talking fetish and fiction, and getting a glimpse into her creative process. When I shared my review of In Silver, the fourth book of her Domains saga, I cheekily asked into which Domain she would assign me.

Much to my eternal delight, she answered the question by writing an exclusive Domains story that explores my erotic fate. I cannot put into words my gratitude or my excitement. If you are already a fan of her saga of sissies, slaves, ponies, and dominant women, then I hope you will find this a treat.

If you have yet to visit the Domains, then I really hope this inspires you to get reading!


The Rose’s Thorn

Miss Isabella watched as they were lined up on the wooden flagstones. Her practiced eye took in the livestock at a glance, and she strolled down the line to decide the fate of each of them. Strength was important, but not essential. The question was, which would look good in harness, which were suitable between the shafts and which would fill the two stalls that required mares.

“Mare, filly, filly, gelding,” she muttered as Mistress Rose noted her choices. “I am just a little disappointed in the selection… one moment…”

She halted and sized up the trembling figure that stood with eyes turned downward.

“This one?”

“A moment,” answered her companion who flicked at the screen of her phone as she scanned the chip embedded deep in the subject’s body. “Taken just a week ago…” Mistress Rose’s eyes took in the information and she smiled as she realised that this was a quite special slave.

“Mmm, Sally Bend, a writer of erotica, so it tells me,” she said. “Several books published, chosen for Roan by another author…”

“Seems that someone is taking out the competition,” laughed Mistress Isabella. “Anything listed in the way of work to be done, or do we have a free hand?

“No specified modifications… released to the Domains.”

Mistress Isabella placed a manicured finger under Sally’s chin and lifted the eyes to meet hers.

“Potential,” she commented. “Nice and fit, just needs a few weeks in the ring and she would be a perfect gelding…”

Mistress Rose shook her head.

“I might be interested, myself!”

Mistress Isabella looked at the hapless slave and turned to her second.

“Mmm, I am a little surprised, Rose,’ she said. “Not quite your usual taste…”

Mistress Rose shrugged, “You know that I just love breaking in a pony for my own use occasionally, this piece of livestock would be a challenge!”

“As you like, have her taken to your villa, but I’d have thought that another Stallion would have been more your choice…”

The slave shuddered as Mistress Rose turned to her and stroked casually from breast to groin.

“I think that she’s really sweet, perfect to amuse myself with as long as she learns obedience quickly. Anyway, I have a special fate for this little slut.”

“You are incorrigible,” laughed Mistress Isabella. “The other stallions of yours will soon ruin this one!”

Mistress Rose smiled agreeably and stroked the cheek of her new acquisition. Her lips pouted and she blew a little kiss before allowing her hand to wander over the cringing filly’s breasts, settling on a nipple and teasing a little.

“Look how responsive the slut is, she loves it,” she laughed. “Ripe for a little practice with the whip, then a little time spent training her and she’ll be between the shafts of my carriage. Attending to the needs of my other mounts, perhaps she’ll be suitable for a little intimate entertainment. Then, back between the shafts, running as if her life depended on it… I’ll have to think of something special.”

“Her life probably will depend on total obedience, knowing you, Rose!” said Mistress Isabella. “What you do with them all is your own business! Now then, where were we?”

“Four geldings are required for the farms and female stock is on the list as well. Mares to cover as well as to breed,” said Mistress Rose as they walked on down the line.

Sally heard the voice of Mistress Isabella as she decided which of the slaves to geld, her eyes on Mistress Rose who slyly winked at her as she turned to follow Mistress Isabella.

As all of the livestock were fettered and taken to their new places, Sally found herself waiting alone in the piazza as if forgotten. A harnessed pair trotted by, the carriage clattering behind and several of the paying guests stopped to inspect and tease her before moving on. It was only after an hour of tense waiting that Mistress Rose strolled back to the lonely figure that she had chosen.

“Still waiting Sally? My, you look quite anxious!”

She strolled around the slave and tapped her with her crop.

“Pony, gelding or filly?” she asked. “I have not decided, so perhaps you have an opinion?”

Sally felt her eyes fill with tears. One broke and tricked, cold, down her cheek as she dared to speak.

“Filly Mistress?”

Mistress Rose shook her head. “No, no, no, I don’t think so! What I have in mind for you is something special, something that will perfectly match your persona. Something that I will be tempted to use and play with, something that will really scare the horses. Can you guess the modifications that I have decided upon for you?”

Sally dared not speak and shook her head in puzzlement.

“Don’t you think that I have read what you wrote?” asked Mistress Rose with a sly grin. “They are required reading in the classes in Crimson! You are going to become my little futanari pony! Ready to be tormented and driven to distraction. You will be trained to fuck and fuck, day and night, given a never-ending lust that can only be calmed for a moment… and, when you are drained, milked of every drop, then you will discover what it is to be mounted by one of my stallions, or both of them, at my whim!”

Mistress Rose touched Sally’s lips with her finger.

“Open wide…”

Sally opened her lips and her new owner inspected with a shrug.

“Perfect, you will be ideal for them both!”

A tap on the chin and Sally was permitted to close her mouth.

“You’ll learn what it takes to please me and what it is to become my intimate slut… I am not always this affable, and you will learn that pain is my personal pleasure.”

Mistress Rose laughed.

“Excited, I see, longing to make my dreams come true?”

The pony slave felt herself shaking, but she did not know if it was terror or affection for her Mistress that filled her to the brim.

“A few weeks in White and you will be ready for my personal use,” laughed Mistress Rose. “That cock of yours will be so impressive…”

She took the rein that draped from the collar and hitched Sally to the back of her carriage before mounting and turning to smile down at her leashed property.

“Of course, you’ll learn perfect dressage as well… when I take you up the show in Santa Fe, you will be entered in the novice class dressage! I intend to train you myself. You’d better take a rosette, my dear. When my personal rose is branded on your sweet ass there will be no forgiveness at all if you disappoint me!”

Mistress Rose turned and took up her riding whip and, with a clatter of iron rims on wood, the slave began to run.



Miss Irene Clearmont writes Female Domination erotica - love and obsession, fetish and lust, immoral and debauched, engaging and occasionally pushing the limits of the reader's imagination. She covers the whole spectrum from sweet to spice in a series of novels and collections of short stories. She may not be to everyone's taste, but she is never boring!

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  1. Dear Sally... Enjoy your stay, as you know, it will last forever! - Irene