Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Gambling on Gender: Now Available!

As I was compiling my Vintage Tanya Tales collection, I came across a handful of unfinished stories that I loved, that I wanted to share with the world, but which simply were not ready. One of my favorites was a frantic little body-swapping tale set in a casino, where women winning jackpots trigger a body-swap with a young crossdresser who leaps from horror to ecstasy and back again.

I loved the concept, but there was no clear reason for it to happen . . . and, worse for readers, no hope of a resolution. Part of that was deliberate - sort of an erotic homage to Quantum Leap's infamous refusal to bring Sam home - but I knew readers would demand answers.

So, I set it aside to work on an old sci-fi alien abduction story instead, but when that hit a brick wall I started toying with the casino. At first, it was just copy editing, and then it became fleshing out the scenes, and then . . . well, a simple name brought it all together. It's still deliberately not a perfect, tidy, all-your-questions-answered ending - I want the reader to have some imaginary sway over what happens next - but it suddenly felt complete.

And so, in what was probably my fasted turnaround ever from unfinished to published, Gambling on Gender: an erotic gender swap tale is now available!

During a fateful trip to the Casino, a young crossdresser offends the wrong woman and finds himself cursed, inexplicably trapped in a seemingly endless series of winning jackpots.

Gender-swap jackpots!

Every time the sirens goes off, he finds himself swapped from one woman's body to another – young, old, ugly, beautiful, lonely, married, sad, happy, fighting, fondled. It’s going to be a long, grueling ordeal, one that will teach him more about femininity than he ever dreamed of knowing.

If he’s lucky, he may just make amends.

And, just maybe, find happiness.

"Gambling on Gender" is an erotic gender swap tale. It is 7,500 words of crossdressing, gender-swaps, sexual discoveries, and dreams come true.

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  1. Talk about a vivid imagination and story line.. Having been in many Indian gaming centers and playing a bevy of slot games I could see where one would be vexed by swapping in and out of bodies pertaining to the opposite sex..
    I do hope he learns something and while he is at it wins a nice jackpot

    Regards Shadoman