Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Playing Dress Up Trilogy by Portia Hab (bodyswap genderswap)

Portia Hab's Playing Dress Up Trilogy collects three previously published stories of body swaps, gender swaps, and age regression, all based upon a theme of playing dress up.

"Just One More Thing" is a comic tale of one body swap that begets another, trapping a man in a nightmare that may actually be something of a dream-come-true. When his girlfriend's daughter gets trapped in her boyfriend's body, he reluctantly agrees to take her place . . . to become a prom date . . . and relive that rite of passage from the other side.

"Hooters Girl" is a darker story that gets downright creepy before it finds its way back to the light. When a wife suspects her husband of cheating on her, she arranges a magical body swap that puts him in the body of a Hooters girl. With his niece's help, he takes to his temporary new life rather well, but the woman occupying his body . . . well, she lets becomes infected with toxic masculinity and creates all sorts of problems.

"The Maltese Bridesmaid" is a shorter story that gets back to the comic tone. It all begins with a teenage girl accidentally turn herself into a dog, leaving her mother's boyfriend to accept a transformation into a pretty young bridesmaid for a friend;s wedding. Of course, nothing goes quite as planned, and the evening gets rather interesting.

As imaginative as Playing Dress Up Trilogy is, and as much fun as the concept is, the story does get a little convoluted and confusing at times, which is really the only knock against it. So long as you do not mind rereading the occasional scene, it is worth a read.

I enjoy writing stories about magical transformation from one sex to another, especially male to female and older to younger. Some are body swaps. Others are not. I prefer erotic stories that are more sexually suggestive than graphic. And I like to detail the male's shock, discovery, discomfort, and sometimes adjustment to his new reality. Some of my stories have happy endings. Others have bittersweet or dark endings.

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