Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Stick her Shock by D R Jehs (crossdressing)

What makes Stick her Shock so much fun is the way D R Jehs uses a lovely bit of fantasy technology to build upon familiar fears, making this a story that the reader can all-too-easily imagine happening.

It all begins with a crossdressing husband who uses his wife's weekend away to embrace his feminine persona. It is an innocent indulgence, a completely harmless bit of private self-expression, but still a pretty big secret to keep from a loved one. What he does not know is that his wife has already discovered his secret, and she plans to ambush him and teach him a lesson.

Unfortunately for them both, she is unaware of the time limit on the GLOO adhesive, and by swapping the solvent with water, she has inadvertently trapped her husband in prosthetic DD-cup breasts and an artificial vagina for the rest of his life. Trapped, as is nothing short of major surgery will remove them . . . and, just to make it all a little more exciting, these are very expensive prosthetic devices that transmit sensation, just like the real thing.

Suddenly looking far more like a woman than a man, Jack has no choice but to become Jackie and live out his life as the wife of a woman who has a secret of her own - Sandy is bisexual, and she kind of likes Jackie this way, although she does not plan to make anything easy. In fact, her convoluted efforts to teach her husband a lesson, including a deal with Jack's boss that goes farther than she expected, create a series of comic events and tragic setbacks that will test their love in ways neither could have imagined.

Jehs does a wonderful job of creating characters and imbuing them with personality, making it very easy to care about everything that happens. The story is very amusing in parts, and it does have its share of erotic moments, but it is in the emotional side where it thrives. There is an underlying darkness to the story, and while it does allow Jackie to grow, gain empathy for the women around him, and become a better person, there is a pair of surprises, one violent and one cruel, which threaten to bring that life crashing down.

Stick her Shock effectively uses fantasy technology to sensitively explore themes of feminism and the transgender experience, with the last few chapters a difficult read because we have so much invested in the characters at that point. A minor word of caution, the story does end rather abruptly with some of its biggest questions unanswered, but I have been assured the sequel book should be out between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so get reading now and give yourself something to look forward to!

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