Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Welcome to College by Kylie Gable (femdom feminization)

If you have ever wanted to get to know Kylie Gable, to understand where her fantasies come from, then you really do need to read the semi-autobiographical Welcome to College.

Welcome to College opens with Kyle at summer camp, where the boys and girls have a long history of pranking each other. As you might expect, those pranks often end with the boys being forcibly feminized, with things like makeup and nail-polish remover held hostage. It is a fun and playful, but becomes more intense as the summer nears an end.

Where Kylie's story takes its first big turn is during the first semester at college, where it turns out Kyle's arch-nemesis from camp is now a fellow freshman - and she is even more enthusiastic about feminizing her pet. This first story introduces the characters, sets up the scenario, and gives us our first taste of feminization. It is about more than just crossdressing, however, it is about looking and feeling the part, with public exposure and humiliation playing into Kylie's predicament.

The first story is available at an introductory price, and should you want to indulge in the whole story, the Welcome to College Omnibus is a fabulous deal!

When she was in college, Kylie Gable had a life changing experience that she's only coming to terms with years later. She was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends. There are a lot of legitimate questions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization, but even more so for someone like Kylie who purports to tell a true story.


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