Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I've Never Done This Before by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian romance erotica)

Sorcha Rowan always tells a wonderful story, sometimes indulging in edgy kinks and taboos, other times getting right to the heart of romance. While the scenarios and settings may change, what is consistent from story to story is the emotional depth, the connection we form with the characters.

That brings me to I've Never Done This Before, which flirts with so many questions and suggestions in the opening bar scene, before laying bare the heartfelt connection between two very different women - one a lush, curvy, feminine woman whose appearance garners as many looks of appreciation as it does scorn, and the other a tall, slender, short-haired woman who gives off a very masculine vibe.

If I had to pick one word to describe this story it would be passionate. It is such an intense tale of lust (with an undercurrent of love), stripping the two women of all expectations and appearances, and allowing them to love one another as women . . . as equals . . . as partners. There are plenty of first-time experiences for Sara, who quickly warms to the encounter, but there are also new appreciations of those experiences for Bev, who indulges herself in having a partner, not a client.

Of course, being a Sorcha Rowan tale, this never settles for just being a story of finding romance in new experiences. She plays with our expectations throughout the story, with both women being very vocal about what they want, and even allowing Sara to take the lead at times. Most importantly, and this is one of the things I loved most about I've Never Done This Before, she refuses to make any apologies for Bev being a sex-worker. Sara is naturally curious, but there is absolutely no judgement there, and no suggestion that loving a "pleasure consultant" is in any way a taboo or a kink.

This is a story that had my head swimming with arousal and my heart fluttering with romance at the same time. It is erotic and delicious and explicit and everything you could want in lesbian erotica, but is also sweet and sensual and thoughtful and playful. I think I may be just a little bit more in love with Sara than Bev, but I would count myself lucky to have either one of them as friend and lover.

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

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