Monday, November 4, 2019

The Great Sorority Sissy Hunt by Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta (feminization femdom humiliation)

With The Great Sorority Sissy HuntKylie Gable & Claudia Acosta kick off an amazing epic of forced feminization and female domination storytelling that will see six different authors contribute to ten different books.

Part One: The Plan introduces the concept for the series, which is that Phi Delta Mu is a sorority in financial trouble and their solution is to kidnap and feminize boys from around the college. After much debate, and more than a little doubt and second-guessing, the sisters plan to pair off, pick their victims, and pursue their own plans for making the sorority some money.

Roger is a graduate student, smaller than most men and cursed (or blessed) with delicate features. He is also the kind of man who looks down on women, taking advantage of the girls he tutors. In a word, he is deserving of everything Cindy and Karla have planned for him.

The lecture on sex that the girls trick Roger into leading is so much fun, with uncomfortable talk of BDSM and dildos, and the feminization that follows is even better. Kylie & Claudia know how to bring a boy low and how to lift a sissy high on his heels, and this is no exception.

Should you get hooked on the concept - and, trust me, you willThe Great Sorority Sissy Hunt continues later this week with Diane Callaway sharing Lindsey's plans, and yours truly following Heather & Becky through their scheme.

When she was in college, Kylie Gable had a life changing experience that she's only coming to terms with years later. She was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends. There are a lot of legitimate questions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization, but even more so for someone like Kylie who purports to tell a true story.

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