Saturday, December 14, 2019

Snow Globes and Candy Canes is NOW AVAILABLE!

Holly Daze (which I love to pieces) was my first holiday story, and it sort of closed the chapter on a part of my life. There's so much of the old me in that story - hiding from the holidays, looking for an escape, and desperately seizing the opportunity to be loved for who you are. It's a happy, sexy, entirely positive story, but it was written to conquer unpleasant holiday memories.

Snow Globes and Candy Canes, which just published today, is a story of the new me - accepting and celebrating the holidays because sharing them with someone you loves brings a joy that was so long absent. It's a total impossible fantasy of Christmas wishes, but such a sweet, sexy, silly story that I am delighted to share it with you all!

Snow Globes and Candy Canes: A Sweet & Sexy Gender Swap Romance
by Sally Bend 

It all started with an office holiday party, an ugly Christmas sweater, a shower of glitter, and a strange card that read "May all your Christmas wishes come true."

A little tipsy and a lot horny, Sandra and Nick stagger home and into the bedroom, where she initiates a little cross-dressing fun with tinsel, snow globes, candy canes, and Christmas stockings. A few idle wishes and a good sleep later, stocky Nick awakes to find himself a busty Nicky, eager to please his incredible girlfriend and her delicious new toy!

Sandra is going to take her new girlfriend in every way she can, hard, deep, and unprotected, until they’re both sweaty, spent, and overflowing with holiday cheer!

Snow Globes and Candy Canes is an erotic romance that is sweet, sexy, and seasonably silly. Unwrap 10,000 words of gender-swap, futa-on-female, loving erotica. For adult readers only.

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