Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Futa's Obedient Sissy Maid by Amelia Wrath (futa sissy femdom)

My first impression of The Futa's Obedient Sissy Maid was that it focused too much on the humiliation Cristina, but then I realized I was doing the story a disservice. I was reading too much of myself into the story, and this is their fantasy, not mine.

Once I sort of reoriented myself with that in mind, this was an entirely delightful fantasy of a futa's first experience dominating a sissy. Amelia Wrath plays her as somewhat nervous and unsure of herself, rather than making her a perfect insta-dominatrix, and that adds a fun dimension to the story. Cristina, meanwhile, is a natural submissive, but even he stumbles a bit, requiring correction - something he hardly minds!

Much of the story is focused on introducing Cristina's futa goddess, teasing the challenges of dating men who are not prepared for her big secret, wrapping her head around the sissy situation, testing Cristina's limits, and exploring the facets of her power. When it comes time for Cristina to serve intimately, the story becomes deliciously erotic, even without losing its humiliation kink.

If you are like me, and dream of bottoming for a well-hung futa, then you may want to check out Wrath's Futa on Sissy Bundle for a pair of bonus stories!