Thursday, January 2, 2020

2019: An Author's Year in Review

Last year was a fabulous year for me on the creative front. Part of that was invitations to contribute to other projects (thanks to Kylie Gable and my Sisters in Smut); part of that was publicly sharing progress and announcing deadlines; and part of that was making use of colleagues and friends to beta read; all of which empowered me to overcome my usual procrastination and publish better work sooner.

After a bit of a sales dip last year, in which I did far too much procrastination and far too little publishing, this year turned out to be my best ever - more than 3X my previous best. For that, I owe each and every one of you a huge Thank You!

In terms of where those sales come from, the top 3 countries, month-after-month, are USA, UK, and Germany, with Canada, Australia, and India taking turns rounding out the top 5.

As for what sold best this year, the top 5 releases are an interesting mix of new releases and old favorites:
  1. Holly Daze: An Erotic Transgender Romance (2017 release)
  2. Make Him Fit: Taken, Trained and Transformed (New release)
  3. Vintage Tanya Tales Collection (New release)
  4. Fear, Love, and Broken Things (2018 release)
  5. The Great Sorority Sissy Hunt: Heather and Becky (New release)

So, what can you expect of 2020? Well, since public accountability seemed to work so well for me last year, I am going to go out on a limb and commit myself to a few projects.

First up will be my next forced feminization story for Candy Apple Press, tentatively titled Lap Dances and Lawsuits. I have been brainstorming it for a while, and have discussed it with a few people, so I am more than ready to begin writing.

After that, and this is something I am delighted to say people keep asking about, should come the third Futanari Moans erotic adventure, tentatively titled Futanari Moans and the Giant(s) Pearls. This one promises to be bigger than the first two combined, with a far larger cast and a whole new batch of fetishes to explore.

With that done, I would like to edit the first Futanari Moans story, expand the second in a few scenes, write a few bonus short background pieces that explore her origins (lab reports, journal entries, etc.), then publish a paperback edition of the entire saga. I love her so much, and I really want to be able to hold her in my hand - or, given her futanari excess, perhaps two hands!

This year also needs to be the year I finish my 'big' supernatural horror/paranormal romance novel, which I made significant progress in rewriting during NaNoWriMo. Tentatively titled Restless (although that title will definitely change), I have 29,000 words polished and another 76,000 words in need of a solid edit. It has always been my dream to find it a home with a professional publisher, but it is time to stop procrastinating, start editing, and commit to self-publishing if that home does not materialize.

There will be more as well, but I never know what ideas will take hold of my imagination and demand an ending. I do have a captured/transformation/hucow scenario roughly plotted out that should be nasty; I have a near-future futa story in mind that will be sexy and tender and sweet and socially provocative at the same time; and there is an unfinished draft of an erotic sword-and-sorcery novella that has been teasing my imagination and demanding an ending.

I am bound (I do like being bound!) and determined to make sure this past year was not a fluke but the start of a long, successful, enjoyable ride that I hope you will all share with me!

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  1. I can't wait for your next Candy Apple Press contribution! Your edits on the last Great Sorority Sissy Hunt book were huge!