Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Christine: Love by Aleson Alexander (transgender romance)

Christine: Courtship was an altogether lovely story, the very definition of a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romance. Aleson Alexander presented us with a young woman I came to love in 40+ pages. The glee, joy, happiness, and love of the final scenes left me smiling for days and made me anxious to read the next chapter.

Having led us through a lovely, romantic, gender-positive courtship, Alexander takes us deeper into romance and relationships with Christine: Love. The story picks up almost right after the first, introducing us to an entirely different woman. With Alex having given her the love and support she has always craved, Christine is free to open up. She is almost childish in her unrestrained glee, in her teenage-like lust, and that makes her an absolute delight.

The sex here - and there is a lot of it - is smoking hot, but it is also full of romantic passion. Alex is a wonderful lover, patient and supportive of Christine's needs, and deliciously inventive when it comes to inventing new ways to pursue her pleasure. We get a bit more of Christine's past, enough to help us understand her anxieties in the first story, and more than enough to make us appreciate what Alex's love means to her.

I love Christine so much, I already feel protective of her . . . and that is what has given me pause. I was going to review the next book along with this, but the title (Christine: Pain) and the blurb (which talks of needs that Alex can't meet and an explosion when Christine pushes him too far) mean I need to compose myself, prepare myself, and take a deep breath first.

I'm Aleson Alexander and I've been writing things just for myself my entire life. Now, I want to share a few of them with you. I write a wide variety of stories that span a number of genres. Among them you'll find tales of transgender romance, futanari lust, BDSM domination (and submission), erotic encounters between strangers, cheating wives, and happily married couples who decide to spice up their love lives, just to name a few. I've even got an erotic supernatural tale or two.

A number of my stories contain trans women. Depending on context, I'll use 'trans persons' rather than 'trans people'. There's a reason. When I say 'trans people', it makes me feel like I am talking about a separate sub-race of 'others' that I am trying to distance myself from, whereas when I say 'trans persons', it feels more like I am talking about a group but still recognizing them as individual people who happen to be trans. It's a personal thing.

When I'm not busy writing, I enjoy taking long walks with my two beautiful dogs, finding places for them to swim, and playing fetch with sticks.


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