Thursday, January 16, 2020

Female Legacy by Daniela R. Lovejoy (genderswap lesbian)

I kind of leaped ahead a bit to Zipped In, making Daniela R. Lovejoy's latest book my first read, so now I am working my way backward through her collection.

Although not quite as polished or as innovative as her latest story, Female Legacy was still a fun read that plays to familiar fantasies and fetishes. Alex is at a low point in his life. He has lost his job, is in danger of losing his apartment, and the only reason he has not lost the woman he loves is because she is a lesbian who sees him as only a friend. When he receives news of an inheritance, he has all these dreams . . . but what his eccentric old uncle left him is hardly what he expected.

With only a weird rubbery sex doll and a box full of women's clothes to show for his legacy, Alex returns home, where he realizes the doll is actually a male bodysuit. Curious, he decides to try it on, but he is not prepared for what happens when he zips it up . . . or what he finds when he peels it back off. Suddenly a woman, inside and out, Alex is caught between the desire to explore his new self and the fear that his old self is gone forever.

There is some lovely self-examination and masturbatory discovery here, a fun experience learning to become an exotic dancer, and a wonderful introduction to lesbian romance. It is not a perfect tale - everything happens rather quickly, his friend accepts things a little too easily, and there is no real sense of adjustment - but it is a fun one. The idea of unrequited love suddenly becoming mutual is exciting and romantic, and while some readers may chafe at it as a career choice, the experience of becoming an exotic dancer is definitely a fantasy fulfilled.

Female Legacy does end with some questions unanswered, leaving room for a potential sequel, but it does not require those answers to be complete. Definitely worth a read.

Born and living in the Northwest near beautiful nature with both forest and coast with in walking distance, Daniela likes to wander in those surroundings when the weather allows it. She enjoys the fresh air, and it gives her mind space to let new ideas flow. When not writing, she loves to cuddle up with a book or watch a TV series or hang out with her friends and family.

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