Saturday, January 11, 2020

TGCaption - Haunted by His Past (ghosts possession revenge)

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

This was originally intended to be a Halloween caption, but it kind of stalled at "Joke's over." I was having trouble wrapping it up with only a few lines remaining. I loved the picture, and I loved the idea, so I came back at it with fresh eyes . . . and once I realized there was more than one woman possessing the best friend, it all came together.


  1. Love the brevity in getting across multiple possessions. Is there a demonic strap-on in his/her near future? LOL

    1. Guess that depends on how much of his best friend is left as a shell for those lost souls. In my mind, they were still very much fully equipped to teach him a lesson. :)

  2. This is a ghost story that I'd definitely go see at the theater....then probably watch it agian when it hit Netflix!!!!