Monday, January 27, 2020

Transformed into a Hot Babe by Daniela R. Lovejoy (genderswap lesbian)

Martin is a man who is average in every way, with a love life paralyzed by an unrequited crush. Ida, the irresistible woman for whom he longs, finds him nice, but would never considers him more than a friend because she is only into girls. Fortunately for him, they both work for a leading edge genetic engineering firm, and he just happens to be the perfect subject for project Double-X.

With ten grand on the table, and the promise of human improvement and change, Martin agrees - and, I must say, the details of the experiment that Daniela R. Lovejoy explores are beautiful, creepy, exciting, and terrifying in equal measure. There is a nice bit of sci-fi there, along with some legitimate body horror - particularly with the transformation of his penis! - leaving him Transformed into a Hot Babe.

The post-transformation discussion is what really distinguished this for me, with a frantic, angry, frightened Martin (now Martina) learning just why he was chosen as their perfect test subject. It is a great insight into how it all came about, and a wonderful confirmation of how she is stuck with her new life - although, as you can probably guess, having become Ida's type shines a new light on things.

The other thing that distinguished this for me is how Daniela does not immediately jump to the hot, passionate, mind-blowing lesbian sex. Instead, she gives Martina and Ida a chance to enjoy a 'normal' night out with friends, to talk about their feelings, and remind us that they were friends - complete with shared interests and tastes - before this all happened. Yes, we do get sexy goodness, no worries there, but by the time the story circles around to that . . . well, we feel as if they (and we) have earned it.

Truly a dream (and a fantasy) come true.

Born and living in the Northwest near beautiful nature with both forest and coast with in walking distance, Daniela likes to wander in those surroundings when the weather allows it. She enjoys the fresh air, and it gives her mind space to let new ideas flow. When not writing, she loves to cuddle up with a book or watch a TV series or hang out with her friends and family.


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