Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Transgender Confidential 4: The Ambitious Writer (BDSM sissy comics)

After a brief break for a late summer holiday, I am back with a second helping of illustrated delights, this time courtesy of Amazing Transformation Comics.

The latest standalone story in the Transgender Confidential series The Ambitious Writer, is a dream come true in so many ways, and a story that speaks even louder to me as an author as well as a reader.

The first part introduces us to Brendan Cassidy, an up-and-coming writer, just dumped by his girlfriend, and immediately taken in as the protege of a famous author. He becomes something of a houseboy while finishing his book, aided by her advice and support, but is reluctant to take advantage of the situation. It is only after he is published that she makes the first move, and suddenly they are talking of secret desires while making love.

It is in the second part where the story begins to get wild, starting with the accidental discovery of Cassie's basement dungeon, learning about her love of bondage, and leading to an intense threesome with Cassie and her lesbian lover. From there, the story slips into more fanciful territory as Cassie casts a spell to transform Brendan into her perfect lover . . . but a small error of instruction leaves one vital component unchanged, resulting in a submissive sissy.

I hesitate to say much about the final two parts, as readers deserve to discover those joyful surprises for themselves, but I loved how Shadoman incorporated aspects of Greek mythology to connect the literary muse with the power of dreams and erotic transformation. There are some nice explorations of love and slavery, of pleasing men versus women, and of what it means to be whole.

Visually, of course, this is a delight. Clothes and hair are wonderful, facial features and body language are perfect, and there are some nice new textures (such as the swimming pool) and effects (such as the lightning bolts) that really catch the eye. The charity function at the museum is one of my favorite scenes, with so much going on that you really do need to pause and take it all in. The late night drive in the Rolls Royce has some nice touches; the magic and the transformation scenes are beautifully rendered; and the scenes of Brandon/Brenda dressing at Cassie's direction are wonderful.

Shadoman is a CG artist who enjoys telling stories through 3D comic art. Originally from the Mid-west, he now resides in Southern California. He is a Viet-Nam vet in his mid-60’s, married to a wonderful gal who is also his best friend and text editor. A film buff with an extensive library, it was his passion for film as a young teen that was his vehicle to escape and expand his own creative mind and become a storyteller.

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