Thursday, January 9, 2020

Watching Her Turn Bi by Shawna Cummings (lesbian poly)

Whew, wow, whoa, and oh my! 

The only complaint I have with Watching Her Turn Bi is that Shawna Cummings owes me a new pair of panties as these will surely never dry!

This is a story that evolves as it grows, adding new levels of sexual intensity and emotional intimacy with each chapter. It starts out as the story of an infatuation between friends, with a little naughty exhibitionism, but things are not as they seem. It then shifts into a story of coming out and romantic confession, but a case of mistaken identity leads to hurt feelings.

It is at there that that the erotic heart of the story takes off, leading Jenni into a whirlwind adventure of mutual masturbation, inappropriate seduction, and surprise threesomes. Cummings does such a superb job of exploring emotions, of contrasting innocence and exhilaration, that every new first is more erotic and delicious than the last. While a key message here is that sex is good and enjoying it is natural, it is not just a story of erotic excess. There are tender, heartfelt moments and genuine conversations that help Jenni find her way.

While I began to worry we might not find our way back to Lindsay, the story does come full circle, but with several yummy surprises. Cummings really follows through on her message of positive, open, honest, sexuality, and a unique relationship develops that . . . well, without saying too much, proves that dreams and fantasies can come true. Watching Her Turn Bi was a one-handed delight from cover to cover that made me swoon, cry, and cheer along side the girls. So, so, so very good!

Shawna Cummings is an erotic author based in the northeast United States. She has written in many different genres, but wanted to dip her toe into erotica! Shawna is known for soaking panties and causing erections to begin! She hopes you’ll sink yourself into one of her books!


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  1. Great review Sally. The idea of a one-handed read and wet panties should make this a best seller!


    sissy terri