Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Zipped In by Daniela R. Lovejoy (bodysuit masking feminization)

While it is not explicitly called out in the blurb, what drew me to Zipped In as my first Daniela R. Lovejoy read was the suggestion of female bodysuits. As a fan of the masking genre, which is sadly underrepresented in fiction, I was curious to see how she would incorporate it.

Before I get to that aspect, though, I have to talk for a moment about the idea behind The Girls Club, a posh women's only club, staffed by handsome young men, that is "terribly touchy" about its secrets. We are not told a great deal about the club, but it is enough to make the reader curious, especially once Max gives in to temptation and opens a package meant for a new (surprisingly male) premium member.

Inside that package is a realistic looking female bodysuit, and the level of detail that Lovejoy lavishes on its look, feel, and fit is just exquisite. The feel of the suit as a costume alone is wonderful to experience, but the way it seems to magically contract, adhere, and become one with Max is powerfully erotic (and, yes, a little painful). He comes to look and feel like a woman, and once he realize that he has become trapped - Zipped In as the case may be - he returns to the club looking for answers.

While there are no answers to be found regarding The Girls Club, at least not in this first volume, there are plenty of details revealed about the experiences of other premium members. There is also a delicious amount of erotic exploration, introducing Max to the pleasures of men and women, and how he responds to that is probably the most curious surprise of them all. A fun read, full of wonderful details of feminization and the female experience, this was fantastic.

Born and living in the Northwest near beautiful nature with both forest and coast with in walking distance, Daniela likes to wander in those surroundings when the weather allows it. She enjoys the fresh air, and it gives her mind space to let new ideas flow. When not writing, she loves to cuddle up with a book or watch a TV series or hang out with her friends and family.

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