Wednesday, February 5, 2020

From Executive Bullyboy to Simpering Sissy Secretary by Sarah Millward (femdom feminization sissy)

As erotica authors go, Sarah Millward is a unique voice, especially in transgender fiction. She largely writes from the dominant, female perspective, which means the emphasis is often on themes of punishment and humiliation. The scenario is often intensely erotic for the woman in charge, and whether the sissy shares that feeling is entirely inconsequential.

From Executive Bullyboy to Simpering Sissy Secretary was a recent freebie that I picked up, and although I have had mixed experiences with Millward's work, it sounded too good to resist. What immediately excited me about it was two things.

First, she opens the story with flash-forward scene that not only demonstrates how far Ben has fallen, but illustrates how much the sissy's humiliation excites Beth . . . and, even more interestingly, how she still feels guilt for her role in it. That emotional depth intrigued me.

Second, she then rewinds to how it all began, quickly and thoroughly establishing Ben as a rude, abusive man in need of punishment . . . and then, more importantly, reveals how corporate culture is so toxic that he escapes any professional punishment. In doing so, Millward creates a sense of necessity as, feeling cheated as a wife and offended as a woman, Beth confides in her mother and, together, they set about making an example of Ben.

The feminization and sissification that follows are a punishment, there is no doubt about that, but punishment with a purpose. This is not about simply turning Ben into a woman and hoping he learns some empathy, it is about putting him in the shoes of the women he has abused, setting him up to be just as objectified and harassed as he made those women feel. There is also an interesting backstory regarding an emotional breakdown that turned Beth from corporate leader to submissive housewife, with the suggestion that Ben enabled it, if not caused it outright. In seeking justice, Beth not only brings him low, but raises herself up, returning to work and usurping him there just as effectively as she does at home.

For a short work of erotica, I was genuinely pleased to see how much depth there was to Beth's Forced Feminization Revenge. The elements of erotic humiliation are well-written, particularly the moments of forced bisexuality, and having Beth's mother so intimately involved adds an additional layer of the taboo. While humiliation is not generally my kink, humiliation with a purpose I can totally get behind, and this was really rather well done.

Sarah Millward has always enjoyed writing erotic short stories that are concerned with transvestite/transgender and gender identity fantasies, power and erotic humiliation. They are not meant to be taken too seriously, but as erotic entertainment.

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