Monday, February 24, 2020

Husband's Futa-Wife's Surprise by Relm Jayne (futa bisexual)

Of all the sub-niches of transgender erotica, futa-on-male seems to be the hardest to pull off (pun intended). There is something about that futa penis that is triggering for male readers, and most authors deal with that through total emasculation, either turning the man into a submissive sissy or gender-swapping him altogether. Personally, I love that approach, but it can be problematic for some readers. That is why Husband's Futa-Wife's Surprise is such a . . . well, surprise!

Relm Jayne introduces Larry and Tamara as your typical suburban couple, with Larry a hard-working, blue-collar, Alpha male who takes pride in coming home dirty and sore from an honest day's work. As for Tamara, she is an Alpha's fantasy, a hyper-sexualized housewife who cooks, cleans, and has a cold beer waiting when her man gets home.

Everything about her seduction, their bathtub foreplay, and their initial bedroom fun is straightforward (again, pun intended) Alpha male sexual fantasy. Tamara's teasing of a new trick, a surprise she learned from another housewife, inflames Larry's curiosity, and she finally reveals her secret while he is orally pleasuring her . . . and notices her bud swelling inside his mouth.

That is the point where some authors would have the man freak out and need to be forcibly dominated, others would have him secretly admit to some long-repressed gay fantasies, and still others would rely on some pheromone-induced mind control to bring hubby to heel. That is so not what this story is about! Larry is shocked, and full of confused passion, but his only thought is to love this new part of his wife, to make this perfect for her.

In fact, there is a lovely moment where Larry questions how "gay guys do" anal, and Tamara responds by asking how they have done it, reminding him of all the ways he has sodomized her. Realizing how silly his question was, Larry reasserts his masculine prowess and decides that she might be about to break his anal cherry, but he is going to still be the man. There is no sense of submission or emasculation there, no fear or guilt, just an Alpha man having sex with his wife.

And that sex is, of course, delicious! Relm Jayne has a talent for erotic detail and you get all the sights, sounds, and sensations of futa-on-male sex. It is intensely erotic and wonderfully romantic, the perfect blend of passions with the perfect couple. We should all be so lucky!

Relm is a naughty girl that wants to share her sexy stories of sultry futas! Girls with dicks spray their creamy passion across the pages of her stories! Writing in her private lair, a glass of wine at hand, Relm unleashes her naughty, futa fantasies upon the world! So if you like your women hot, sexy, and packing huge cocks, then you'll love Relm's stories!


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