Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Crossdressing Club by Barbara Deloto & Thomas Newgen (crossdressing bisexual erotica)

Crossdressing Club is a sneaky little trap of a read that kind of snuck up on me. I thought it was kind of preposterous at first, a totally unrealistic wish-fulfillment fantasy . . . but then Barbara Deloto & Thomas Newgen dropped some intelligent, thoughtful observations on gender and sexuality that genuinely surprised me . . . before introducing a twist that sort of explains and redeems the whole concept.

The MTF Crossdressing Club - which advertises on a college bulletin board - promises a word of sensuality and femininity, teaching the skills needed to enjoy a lifelong hobby of presenting as a woman. John attends the meeting purely out of curiosity, and meets Mike, who offers to mentor him in the fine arts of crossdressing.

All the fantasy elements you could ask for are here, from shopping and dressing and putting on makeup, to passing prettily in public, to indulging in feminine sexual desires. What initially caught my attention was the fact that Jackie suffers from that familiar post-orgasm crash, regretting her bisexual adventures, and never wanting to dress again. Suddenly, this kinky wish-fulfillment story has heart. Then Michaela gives her a wonderful speech about labels, and about enjoying what is natural. Just as suddenly it has brains as well.

Where Crossdressing Club completely won me over is in the way Michaela uses sexual excess to temporarily exhaust Jackie's libido and allow her to consider and appreciate crossdressing without the sexual hangups attached. I loved how that developed - the thoughts and emotions that come out of it are just wonderful. Then, of course, there is that twist I mentioned that explains everything, leading to a sexual climax that will leave you rubbing yourself with envy!

Barb and Thom are a happy couple that entertain in saying, "What if?". They share in the experience of thinking outside the box when it comes to people's sexual natures and societal paradigms. Of course, paradigms are meant to be broken is the rule in their books. Thus, the husband being ruled by the woman and the woman being able to do like men do when it comes to having multiple partners can be common place. In most of their stories there is love and affection though some may have some twists depending on the nature of the characters that were developed.



  1. A wonderful review! I love Barbara and Thomas' stories. Good to know they put out another great one.

  2. I have always been a fan of Barbara and Thomas' work. They were one of the first authors that I came across when I considered publishing... Inspiring and always fun to curl up to.