Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Neapolitan Nights by Paul Lonardo (bisexual poly erotica)

It was with one simple line that Paul Lonardo caught my attention and guaranteed that I would be giving Neapolitan Nights a taste:
"There may be so such thing as a perfect man, but sometimes there is a perfect couple…"
Seriously, how wonderful is that? This is a story that stars slow, introducing us to the characters and giving us a feel for their natural transition from stressed out students to friendly, adventurous summer coeds. It is a sweet, heartfelt tale of conflicting priorities and confused desires, with an ice cream truck at the center of those Neapolitan Nights.

I loved how Lonardo so boldly teased the suggestion of an open romance with the the discovery of women's shoes and the sensuous reveal of a beautiful figure emerging from the shower. Rather than feel betrayed, Vanessa's attraction to both Sam and Charlotte excites her, leading her to realize it is the "three of us together that I found most appealing."

Even then, Lonardo does not just opportunistically have three people tumble into bed. He allows them to connect, to form friendships, and to enjoy a date together, complete with games and dancing, before shifting from the romantic to the erotic. This is a wonderfully positive exploration of bisexual attraction and polyamorous romance, full of emotion, and deliciously detailed when it finally comes time for the action to move to the bedroom.

Paul Lonardo has authored both fiction andnonfiction books in a variety of genres, from truecrime to romance. As a freelance writer, he oftencollaborates with individuals on their biographies ormemoirs. He has more than a dozen titles in print.Paul studied filmmaking/screenwriting at ColumbiaCollege - Hollywood, earned an A.S. from MountIda College and a B.A. in English from theUniversity of Rhode Island. He lives in Lincoln, RIwith his wife and son.


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