Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Stick her Shock 2 by D R Jehs (trans thriller)

What made the first Stick her Shock so much fun was the way D R Jehs used a lovely bit of fantasy technology to build upon familiar fears, crafting a 'trapped' story that the reader can all-too-easily dream of happening. What makes Stick her Shock 2 so fascinating is they way she twists that dream and reveals a deeper, darker, more daring nightmare beneath.

This second story starts out as a simple sequel, picking up after the events of the first book that saw Jack forced to become Jackie after some crossdressing fun, an accidental discovery, and an ill-advised trick by his wife that left him stuck with high-tech prosthetic breasts and an equally realistic vagina. Thanks to some legal complications involving his identity, he has been forced to step down and temporarily accept a secretarial role . . . except, as we discover, nothing about that situation is so simple.

I loved the way Jehs sprinkled the story with so many little suspicious moments that make us question character motives and wonder what is really going on. More than once I had to stop, go back, and review a passage to be sure of what I just read. I hesitate to say too much, because just about every chapter here contains a new spoiler, but it soon becomes apparent that everything is connected, and in some surprising ways. There is genuine drama and tension here that goes far beyond comical embarrassment or humiliation, far beyond questions of masculine pride or professional reputation, with lives at stake. This is literally a matter of life and death, and not just for Jackie.

What I can say, without fear of spoiling those surprises, is that Jehs does a wonderful job of mixing realism and fantasy, playing to the tropes of TG fiction while telling a complex story. The relationships here are key, particularly between Jackie and her wife, Jackie and her new boss, and Jackie and her coworkers. It is always a difficult thing when roles are reversed, and even more so when there are hurt feelings involved. On the fantasy side, Jackie gets into more than a few situations that are sure to titillate even as they heighten our fears, particularly the experience at the strip club, which sees even more exaggerated, sexualized trappings of femininity attached.

It goes without saying that you really do need to Stick her Shock first to understand the situation, but not only is that a fantastic introduction to the dramatic complexities of Stick her Shock 2, it is a fun read all on its own. Really, a wonderful job of storytelling here that gets heavy in the closing chapters, but which pays off beautifully.


  1. Your reviews are always a delight to read, Sally! How you find the time to read all these stories I will never know lol!

    Do you know any hypnosis stories that you have seen that you would recommend? I have trouble finding good hypnosis stories these days.

    1. My secret is a back-lit e-reader in bed. Best invention ever! :)

      As for hypno/mind-control, here's some threads to get you reading!

    2. Thanks Sally <3

      Some lovely titles in there!