Monday, March 2, 2020

Valentine Pixie by Kaitlyn Parker (crossdressing feminization)

It is always wonderful when people can come together across mediums, especially when we have so many interests in common. I have known Kaitlyn Parker for a while now through her blog, Not 2 Brite TG Captions, where we have connected over our love of TG captions, so I was delighted to follow her over to the bookshelves, where she is extending and expanding upon those themes through novella-length fiction.

What makes Valentine Pixie: A Feminization Tale so interesting is the way Kaitlyn twists the usual forced feminization, lost bet, blackmail scenario with a sweet sort of self-awareness. Aiden is a secret, closeted crossdresser who longs for the opportunity express himself, just once, to the fullest. Bailey is his best friend, the only person to whom he has ever confessed that desire, and together they have come up with a plan to make it happen. The two make a very public Valentine's bet, one designed to ensure that he loses, which will require him to spend a day dressed as a Valentine Pixie.

There are so many wonderful little touches to this story that make it come alive. The friendship between Aiden and Bailey is what makes this all work, with her cleverness in ensuring Aiden cannot get cold feet and back out adding just a touch of 'forced' to the feminization. The surprise support of an all-too perceptive teacher is a lovely development, one that makes the possible probable. Then there is the way that Kaitlyn takes things that would otherwise be cruel and humiliating in another story and softens them, with the teasing of fellow students being more good-natured than cruel, and their social media sharing of Aiden's embarrassment less of a horror and more what memories are made of.

The other thing I loved about Valentine Pixie is the way Kaitlyn incorporated so much narrative tension and suspense, making something truly captivating of a story that, on the surface, seems so simple. There are genuine moments of anxiety here, with more than one surprise leaving me wonder how Aiden would handle it, but the story never loses its delightful sense of dreams coming true. This is one of those rare stories where it is OK to be a crossdresser, and where it is OK to need a little help in moving past our fears to embrace our fantasies.

Kaitlyn is a longtime crossdresser who focuses on identity and social changes mixed with crossdressing, in a modern American cultural elements. Some of her books are based on personal experiences, experiences of friends, while others are just ideas of what could happen. Though she's crossdressed in public before many times, she's not as passable as her characters tend to be.

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  1. I also read and reviewed this book. I totally ahree with Sally. For $.99 I was well entertained. Kaitlyn has three other books worth reading too. My review on Amazon is under 'commentator'