Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Writer's Cramp by Miss Irene Clearmont (femdom feminization pegging)

Writer's Cramp is a story within a story, a story about stories, and a story about the intersection of fantasy and reality. Miss Irene Clearmont gets her fingers into lives on the page as well as behind the page, bringing the two together in a way that pays off beautifully in the end.

William is a secretary to a beautiful woman about whom he has inappropriate fantasies - fantasies that he has used to fuel the writing of a trashy erotic novel. The way real-life events and conversations inspire his fantasy are fun to witness, but it is the tease of fantasy possibly infringing on reality that makes this such an exciting read. Miss Irene pulls the reader in two different directions, layering characters and stories in such a way that it becomes blissfully easy to doubt what is real.

There are, of course, scenes of female domination and forced feminization to be found here, fetishes that Miss Irene does to very well. There are also scenes of improvised bondage and enthusiastic pegging, as well as some exciting moments of bending and blending sexuality. Writer's Cramp is a fun, indulgent, creative work of meta-fiction that arouses as well as it inspires.

Miss Irene Clearmont writes Female Domination erotica - love and obsession, fetish and lust, immoral and debauched, engaging and occasionally pushing the limits of the reader's imagination. She covers the whole spectrum from sweet to spice in a series of novels and collections of short stories. She may not be to everyone's taste, but she is never boring!


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